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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

I have been working on finishing a few items this year. Hooray!! I finished another one.

These are napkins that I made this week. They are double sided made out of left over flannel that I had. I have 10 of them, they don't all match...but I've never been one for matchy matchy stuff anyway :-)

(I'm waiting for someone to ask me why there's always a folded flag in the pics of my dining room table......can you guess the reason??)


Diane J. said...

Till the troops come home from Iraq/Afghanistan? Or in remembrance of someone special?

Pretty Life Online said...

You are very creative! Have a wonderful weekend! mine's up too hope you can drop by.

Hootin' Anni said...

Eclectic is good. I don't remember who said it, but it was on TV once, and they said that the 'mis-match' is "IN" this year.

Please do drop by. I'm sharing a bit of Gone With the Wind today.

Constance said...

To always remember to give thanks for our freedoms when you pray at the dinner table?

Simply Heart And Home said...

Your napkins are lovely. The checked brown is an excellent choice of material! It can go with so many things.

Your flag is a remembrance of someone you know fighting in the war?

diana said...

nice napkins. i love cloth napkins, but they're so expensive. if i sewed, i'd make me some napkins :]

the flag... as a constant reminder that our troops are at war. have a great weekend.

Diane said...

How creative you are!

As to the flag--some of the ideas above are really good guesses.

I'll add another: You keep the flag on your dining room table......when you make napkins, because your father, who was in the service, taught you how to sew napkins?????

Now there's a guess!


Penless Thoughts said...

Love the napkins and especially the idea of flannel. The flag, I believe it must be a remembrance of someone dear.

ellen b. said...

The napkins are great MM. We have a flag folded just like that from Dear's fathers funeral. He served in WWII. Waiting to hear why it's on your dining room table...

Heather K said...

way to go on finishing your project!!
I need to do the same! so..WHY is the flag there?? Not a clue...

MammyT said...

Very pretty napkins. I love that yellow. I don't think I've ever seen your dining room table before, but I do want to know about the flag. That is the traditional way flags are presented to the survivor of a soldier, isn't it?

Kindra said...

Your napkins look great! I love homespun/flannel fabric!

Folded flag for the rememberance of a soldier/vet that passed away?

Would love to hear the story behind it!

Barbara H. said...

Nice napkins! I like coordinating rather than matching things, too.

The flag looks like one given at a veteran's funeral.

Jewelgirl said...

The flag is for someone who was in
military service who has since
passed away and you wish that person could be there at the dinner
table with you. Bless the troops
past and present.

Linda said...

You're using the flag as a guide to fold the napkins?

You're building a memory box for it and needed to have it there for dimensions?

You're very patriotic and believe that everyone's table should have a flag on it?!?

Adrienne said...

I would have a hard time even making a napkin. Straight lines and sewing are not in my grab bag of things I can do.

I have used bandannas in the past for napkins. When they put them on sale for 3 or 4 for a dollar I grab a bunch.