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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Cure!!!

Well, I've found it!

A cure for all that ails you (or me in this case).

what is it? What is it curing??

go ahead and ask.....

Here's the problem with my job. (or problems...)

it's late at night, I don't always sleep well, this means my patience is not always wonderful.

The hardest patients I have are the little stroke patients. (little is a way of words, not a reference to size) My heart just breaks for these little ladies who have lost the ability to speak. Think about this, you know in your head exactly what you need and can form entire intelligent paragraphs, stories even. But all you can get out your mouth are single words at a time....if you're lucky, sometimes all that comes out is gibberish. You want to say yes so you nod your head and speak, but the word that comes out is no. There's something you need, maybe it's a pillow under your now paralyzed arm, maybe it's a drink of water but all you can get out is the nurse's name.

I've cried more for these little ladies than I ever remember crying over the sick and disabled kids I used to work with. It's just so damn frustrating. They're here for therapy, speech and physical, and I'm to continue that therapy in all care....but WHAT is it she's trying to ask me for?? She tries to point but good Lord there's a LOT of stuff in this room which 1 particular thing is she pointing at? And what does she want with it??

So I cry, because I only got 4 hours sleep today (plus 30 min over my lunch break) and it's my 3rd night in a row with this lady and my resistance is terribly low. Of course, my tears and concern make her more frustrated.....(and yes, dear, it's already raining so don't give me the "could be worse...could be raining" line.)


You betcha!

Are you ready for this??

This computer has 3D Pinball for Windows..Space Cadet!!!!!!!

It just doesn't get any better than computer pinball for venting frustration. It uses 4 keys on the keyboard 2 for paddles and 2 for rocking the machine side to side. My co-worker said "You're really beating that keyboard!" Aaaaaahhhh, tis the reason I chose Pinball over Minesweeper, Spider Solitare AND Freecell!!

I hold the high score for this comp.... 3,592,000

Thanks, I needed that!

There goes her call light, maybe we can get on the same wavelength this time around.



Penless Thoughts said...

Bless you for doing the work you do and for caring.

diana said...

it would be a hard job. i wouldn't be able to do it. you are a true blessing to your patients because you truly care.

that pinball game is the cure for bored workers at cold stone, too. i won't even tell you my son's high score :]


Your work is hard but G-d picked the right person for it, that I am sure. That's why he gave you a game to play! Keep the faith!!

ellen b. said...

Well if I ever have a stroke I hope I have someone like you caring for me! I answered your brown plate question on my brown plate post today....under my Calzone post...

Ma Kettle said...

Your tears are known to God. I am so grateful that you are back in the workforce doing what you are doing.

I am sorry that I have been out...not too healthy.

Thanks for your really did lift me, as you are good at what you do.

Thanks for all the email funnies...Bill and I have been rolling!

Take Care Mightiest of Moms

Stephanie said...

Love the cure! Unfortunately The Powers That Be at our hospital have locked out all the games. We can't even go over to yahoo and play those. Spoilsports.

Have you thought about a picture board or a notebook with photos cut from magazines for things like lip gloss, water, tissue, TV, some of the more common stuff? Then pointing might be more specific.

Lucy Stern said...

God is lucky to have someone like you to help these old ladies. I pray that I never get in that situation. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can so relate. It's so painful to not be able to help when they ask. Sometimes, you know, there's really not a "thing" that they want. It's just that they want be well, to be young, to be at home, to be able to talk.
I know it sucks.
Good thing we won't have to deal with this in Heaven.