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Friday, November 7, 2008

Thesaurus Thursday

For next week, work on these:

Last Week's Definitions:
stereotaxic - of or pertaiing to precise measurements in three dimensions of a place in the brain, esp as an adjunct to surgery or radiation

stereotomy - the art of cutting solids, as stones, to specified forms

the prefix stereo- means "solid", "solid body or figure," "three-dimentions"

here are some more examples
stereogram - a diagram or picture representing objects in a way to give the impression of solidity

stereobate - the foundation or base upon which a building is erected

stereology - a branch of science dealing with the determination of the three-dimensional structure of objects based on two-dimensional views of them

stereopsis - stereoscopic vision; the ability to see in three dimensions.

Silly Goose Winner this week is:
SherryTex said...
sterotomy: the surgical procedure by which you remove said teenager from their ipod/mp3player long enough to engage in an actual conversation.

stereotaxic:the teenage aversion to turning off music even when unconcious or not actually in the house.

Now, seeing as SherryTex has nine children,I think she knows what she's talking about here!!

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Diane@Diane's Place said...

Invidious - To be literally glued to the TV screen.

Involucre - An involuntary attraction to money and expensive things.