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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Camera Advice??

As you may know, I need a new camera. And the money for said camera has been shipped and should be here sometime next week, so I'm sending a plea out to anyone who uses a camera to voice your choice for a nice camera.

Some guidelines

1) Has to be sold at Best Buy

2) Has to total < $150.00

3) It'd be nice if it used the same SD memory card that I already have...or that's more $$ spent.

Here's what I'm leaning toward.

So come on now and give some specifics for your likes and dislikes.

All opinions welcome!


ellen b. said...

I hope you get some good advice. You might have more choices than you know what to do with. I've only shopped for the one camera we bought at Costco. I wanted something I could fit in my pocket :0)

ellen b. said...

Ok let's try this again. My camera is a Pentax Optio M40. It was 179 ish at Costco over a year ago...
I'm finding the key to good photos is to keep taking a LOT of them and why not with a digital. Don't stop at just one photo...

Anonymous said...

Sony makes several good point and shoot digitals. I don't know what the prices are. I'm thinking you might have to pay a bit extra.

EDGE said...

My buddy over at "Random Act of Patriotism" uses one of these...

Olympus FE-240

It's a little pocket camera but he takes some pretty good photos with it.

diana said...

i have the one you're looking at. i bought it just recently and to be honest, i haven't taken a lot of pictures with it. (i have a nicer slr that i use most of the time)

but it seems to be good. one of the reasons i bought it was that it has not only the lcd screen on the back but an actual view finder. the problem is is that what i see in the view finder isn't how the picture comes out.

the price has been reduced on this model because they're phasing it out and have a new one out.

i got a lot of good advice from a couple of clerks so you can always ask for advice. but both of the clerks i talked to said that any canon point and shoot would be good. they said stay away from the lesser known names, like kodak or samsung.

good luck.

MightyMom said...

thanks! :-) the pic being different than the viewfinder is true of all point and shoots. I'd really prefer a SLR, but ain't about to spend that kind of money!!

Anonymous said...

MM, you can find a sony digital SLR for cheap on ebay.