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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Prayers for Soldiers.

I am going to repost this one and keep it at the top for a week or so. There is new stuff below. I want everyone who might drop by to have a chance to a) add their loved one to my list and b) create a sidebar list of their own.

And, as I told Penless Writer in the comments. I have no rules. If you have a loved one serving in the United States Military who you'd like prayers for, they go on the list, PERIOD.

Many of you that I've commented with have loved ones serving overseas whom you're worried about. I've started a sidebar list of soldiers who need prayer. If you know a soldier and would like their name added to my list, just leave it in my comments. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have. We should utilize it whenever, wherever, and however possible.

I would appreciate it if each of you who visit my blog stop and say a small prayer for these brave folk each time you see their name.



Airborne dad said...

Feel free to add SPC Mark M. Middlebrook. Thanks for doing this.

Infantry Dad said...

Mom, Great idea.
I'm going to add this to my sidebar also, when I get a chance.
Our son is PFC Matthew Rider.
Sending a whole lot of love and well wishes for you and your family.

MightyMom said...

Hey Mark and Dad, I had you two specifically in mind when I wrote this post. I am very glad that you added your sons' names!!
Dad, go ahead!! The more blogs with names, the more prayers. Never enough prayers!!!

God Bless you and yours.

Susan said...

What a wonderful idea MightyMom. We are going to a special party tonight for a young man just entering the military. I don't know if he'd count, since he's not deployed, but his name is Kyle Morris. We've known Kyle since he was 11.

Cookie..... said...

Great idear fact I just did.....

MightyMom said...

Thanks Cookie!! Get the word out!

Susan, I'm not in any way picky. You want prayers? He's on the list. It's as simple as that!

Carole Burant said...

Wonderful idea and I know how much comfort it will bring the friends and family who have a loved one in the military, just knowing they have so many praying for them! xox

Pen of Jen said...

I love this idea, when I get up to it do you mind if I write a blurb about it?

MightyMom said...

DO I MIND???!!! Surely you jest!
I know of a couple of folks that have already added Soldier Prayer List sidebars to thier blogs too! I'd love to see it catch on. We can never give our country's defenders too much support or too many prayers.

Susan said...

Loved your comment on my Dreamin' meme about getting one of your 3 out of diapers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please pray for Sgt. Kevan Phillips. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

From Sue Sawyer (Mother) - Please pray for my son Private First Class Tyler Sawyer as he deploys to Iraq, from the 101st Division in KY on October 13th. God Bless Our Troops!!!