My Husband "Subvet" says that when our first son "Sonshine" was born the sun rose on our world, when our second son "Gator" was born the sun laughed and when our daughter "Sugars" was born all the flowers bloomed. That says it all.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

TINY TALK TUESDAY is once again upon us. Go see Mary at Not Before 7 to see more of this fun event.

Sonshine is hooked on Christmas, so far this week I have heard the following.

Need to go see Santa!

Need to ask Santa Sonshine need hug Rudolf.

(Mom says Santa's asleep till Christmas)

Need go and wake up Santa to ask him if can hug Rudolf LATER! on Another Day!!

I want see Mary and Joseph outside!

(Mom says they're keeps him from pitching a fit when he can't do what he wants)

Mary and Joseph are sleeping! Give the shepards a hug LATER!!

The shepards are sleeping!

The hay is sleeping with the baby!!

and on and on and on.....anyone game for moving Christmas up a few months this year???

Answers and Winners

Oxymorphone (Opana, Numorphan, Numorphone) or 14-Hydroxydihydromorphinone is a powerful semi-synthetic opioid analgesic that is derived from thebaine, and is approximately 6–8 times more potent than morphine.

Vanquish - Aspirin/Acetaminophen/Caffeine
Pain Reliever/Pain Reliever Aid

Voltaren is in a group of drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Voltaren works by reducing hormones that cause inflammation and pain in the body.

Voltaren is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis.

BRAND NAME(S): Aphrodyne, Viritab, Yocon, Yohimex

USES: Yohimbine has been used to increase low blood pressure, to widen (dilate) the pupil of the eye and for certain cases of male impotence.

ZYVOX® (linezolid) is indicated in the treatment of the following infections caused by susceptible strains of the designated microorganisms:

Nosocomial pneumonia caused by Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin-susceptible and -resistant strains) or Streptococcus pneumoniae (including multidrug-resistant strains [MDRSP]). MDRSP refers to isolates resistant to 2 or more of the following antibiotics: penicillin, second-generation cephalosporins, macrolides, tetracycline, and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole.

Complicated skin and skin structure infections, including diabetic foot infections, without concomitant osteomyelitis, caused by Staphylococcus aureus (methicillinsusceptible and -resistant strains), Streptococcus pyogenes, or Streptococcus agalactiae. ZYVOX has not been studied in the treatment of decubitus ulcers.

Jungle Mom

oxymorphone - For those headaches that come from phone calls with morons.

Vanquish--relieves anxiety caused by watching movers try to squeeze your entire household inventory into a too-small moving van.

Airborne Poppa
Voltaren is what electricians study in electric school

Yohimbine - Herbal extract for when you're bound up.

Zyvox-the failed company that followed Magnavox.

Thanks guys! Y'all were hilarious today!

Monday, April 28, 2008

more videos.....

Well, ok, I'm a Ray Stevens Fanatic. (Also a Weird Al fan too so's ya know)

Don't know what that says about ME, but here's some smiles for YOU.

Email Goodies

A little girl asked her mother, 'How did the human race appear?' The mother answered, 'God made Adam and Eve and they had children and so was all mankind made.'
Two days later the girl asked her father the same question. The father answered, 'Many years ago there were monkeys from which the human race evolved.'
The confused girl returned to her mother and said, 'Mom, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by God, and Dad said they developed from monkeys?'
The mother answered, 'Well, dear, it is very simple. I told you about my side of the family and your father told you about his.'

Saturday, April 26, 2008



I'd like to dedicate the following video to Ellen B, Diane J, Subvet and Pinky!

this one's dedicated to Gator-boy

this one's for me

and, of course everyone's favorite


Question for the week.



What makes you smile? No matter what's going on or where you are is there something that will just make you smile??

For me there are a few things, most of which you can probably guess. But one you may not know about is alliteration.

I LOVE Dr Suess...this is probably why...who else would say.

Big M Little m

Many mumbling mice are making midnight music in the moonlight....

Mighty nice.


My plan was to add to this post as the week progressed with some great moments of alleteration....well, a commentor gave me one that can't be beat!!

"Linda said...
Awesome alliteration always acts as an antidote to angst and anger!"

Friday's Thesaurus Thursday???

yeah well, it's been another one of THOSE weeks! Glad it's almost over is all I can say.

I'm at work playing hookie here and the best I can do is a Drug Book....So we're gonna modify T-T some this week.

I'm gonna name a couple of medications and you're gonna make up what you think they do to the body.







Just in case this is your first time by here on a Thesaurus Thursday, the "rules" of Thesaurus Thursday are as follows:

First and foremost, leave as many funny definitions for either word (or both) as you can think up in the comments!! The ones that make me laugh the hardest will be given the Silly Goose Award.

Next, if you know (or think you know) the true definitions without looking them up then be sure and leave those in the comments too!! All definitions that are correct (or close enough for government work and Mighty Mom) will win the Smarty Pants Award!

Awards will be given out in Monday's post, so don't forget to come and see if you won!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baghdaddy Beat

The following video is reposted from The One Percenters (Airborne Dad) with his permission. I thought as all the troops videos were solemn and sad it was good to see one that was uplifting. And hey, I like the song!

Sometimes she sits and thinks and sometimes she sits and stinks

Either ways She's Sitting!!!

Baby Girl has learned how to go from laying down to sitting up today!

Sooo Big!!!

We're very excited for her! Except that now Subvet/SuperDad needs to lower the crib mattress!! :-)

Next item on the agenda is getting her up on hands and knees to crawl instead of just elbows and belly!

(before you ask, she'll be 14 months on May 2)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sarah's Simple Sewing Secrets.

OK, I know it's taken me a couple weeks to get this up, sorry about that. This week we're going to sew our pillow.

Start by choosing a needle that is large enough to hold comfortably with a sharp point (as opposed to blunt). Cut off an arm's length of thread (the sewer's arm). Thread your needle *how to video here* (written instructions here)

Next you're going to pull the thread through the needle till you can hold both ends of the thread together side by side.

Tie a knot. I show in the video how to tie what I know as the quilter's knot. I will add that it's hard to see in the video, but hold your thread with the ends pointing to your wrist and your needle with it's eye pointing to your wrist. There are many ways to tie a knot in thread and this is the easiest by far that I've ever tried. If you pull the needle through and end up wihtout a knot then you didn't hold the thread, otherwise, no matter what you'll have a knot. Remember that it doesn't have to be pretty, just big enough it won't pull through the fabric easily.

Holding both ends of the thread and wrapping both strands around your needle at the same time will ultimately mean that your needle is looped on your thread and can not come off without cutting the thread. I did this for two reasons. A) if you accidentally drop your needle it won't get lost on the floor as it will stay attached to your project. B) having 2 strands of thread instead of one will make the stitches stronger and your thread less likely to break later and spew stuffing out of your pillow. (remember, I always make things to be used).

When you sew try to keep your stitches as even as possible and on the smaller side. Don't expect to be able to make tiny stitches. A lot depends on the size of the needle, I think you can see in the video that I'm using a rather huge needle and my stitches are consequently large (not too even either..I need to work on that) Just do the best you can. Remember this is to be fun, not perfect. If you're really afraid of stuffing sticking out between stitches that are a tad over-large then leave those stitches in and sew a second line right next to the first, trying to come up and down in the middle of the stitches from the first pass. This will make the holes between stitches smaller and give you "practice" at sewing.

Remember it will all become easy over time and everyone was once a beginner!

Brown Plate Special


To date, since 1/14 I have lost 7.1lbs. So there you have my update.

Not bad I guess, but it could have been a lot better!

So what's up with zeros anyway??

We, as a nation, are obsessed with zeros. Think about it. a "BIG" birthday is one with a zero in it...all the other ones are minor. We want our weight under a particular zero....but it seems terribly hard to get past that zero..then once we do we're focused on the next zero to get to..and a DOUBLE ZERO is really really big.

I mean really? Any ideas folks??

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

TINY TALK TUESDAY is once again upon us. Go see Mary at Not Before 7 to see more of this fun event.

Sonshine: "Need give Daddy a HUG!!"

Mom: "Daddy's in the shower, you can give him a hug when he's done."

Sonshine: "Daddy's getting cleaned up!"

Mom: "Yup"

Sonshine: "Need hug Daddy's Belly Button!"

Mom: "What?"

Sonshine: (more slowly and deliberately) "I need to hug Daddy's BELLY BUTTON!"

Mom: Where'd I leave my camera????


Sonshine: "Daddy spanked a bumble bee!"


Pop Quiz Answers

Well, it's just sad when you make a comment on your OWN blog and it gets lost!!

So you make it a post instead!

Yes, Mudbugs are Crawfish. So named cuz they live in the mud. I've been crawfish fishing. It's wild.

You look in the mud around a small body of water (like a ditch) for what look like giant anthills with holes in the top. Then you take a piece of bacon and tie it on the end of a string and drop it down the hole. You wait for the crawfish to grab hold then pull him out.

And if you want to hear music that makes my soul smile turn up the sound when you go to that link!

{Yes, I can play the spoons and the least I once could...haven't tried in awhile}

And MammyT, if'n you don't like crawfish then it's more for me...but I'd have to ask how you had it cooked if it tasted like dirty water and where they came from and how fresh they were and what month you ate them in. There are definite guidelines for eating crawfish (kinda like oysters) and (as my hubby once found out) you can get really sick from not following these (and they don't taste so good). Also, crawfish have a lot of iodine in them so you can really overdo if you eat too much (sigh, tis a sad sad thing too!)

To Ma Kettle, or PenofJen, or Humble Wife, or Happy Hippie Lady....or whatever her name is this week.....

rolie polies are also called doodle bugs in my family. I used to have hours of fun with them. And will again once the kids are old enough to find them I'm sure.

Diane, according to this they're not sow bugs..... go figure

Well folks, that's it from me for awhile. I'll try to remember to weigh in before I eat this week so to post the Brown Plate Special update. I haven't been doing so well lately. And I'm off tonight and tomorrow night. So it's off to work on another Unfinished Project!

Have a Good Day folks!

Thesaurus Thursday Winners

First off, I want to thank all of my Thesaurus Thursday players. Each week you always make me laugh. I really needed it today. The fit hit the shan as I walked into work last night and it made for a very, very rough time. Then this morning I got reprimanded for venting my frustrations at the nurse's station....."where everyone can hear".....ah well, by the time I was done venting to the manager (in her office) I had over an hour overtime so I guess all was not lost...and I'd already put my resume back out on the street Saturday night anyway. So I'll hang tight till something better comes along. And thanks for the laughs folks, they are appreciated this morning!

Cookie..... said...
Stevedore- What you say to your empty handed friend Steve when your carrying a heavy load and you come to a door.

Sternformost- Something that happens to sailors after a long time at sea.

Humble wife said...
stertor- When Webster was compiling the dictionary, he was on a deadline, and of course, unlike today a mistake was almost a fatal error. But hey, if you are compiling the dictionary you can turn your mistake into a new word. So starter accidentally became stertor. And for the unrevealable error!

stevedore-Little known cousin of Al Gore...trying to make his way in the environment audience, by championing for fish-sticks. Like his cousin Al, the brain department is under he genuinely believes that there are fish shaped liked sticks in the ocean that are being threatened by man and his invasive lifestyle(just like Al claimed to have invented the internet...brains(less)

sternforemost-Clearly if one looks this up in the dictionary, you will see my Kindergarten teacher. She was stearn foremost!(for all you that wonder her name was Mrs. Bair and yes she was a BEAR)

OH this is me penofjen(formerly ma kettle)

Mammy T said...

Stertor - what the guy at the auto junk yard sells you when your car won't go.
"That thang jest needs a new stertor."

Sternforemost - how the Titanic went down, according to the movie.

Diane J said...
Stertor - What the guy on galley duty told the ship's cook:

Cookie, I done stertor for an hour but this batter just ain't mixin' right!

Stephanie said...
sternforemost--I think that's butt forward instead of bosom in the front right? Of COURSE I mean the boat!

Stevedore--dang, I've read the word, but don't remember what it means. It's a hat, I think, but it also might be a boat part.

Stertorous as it applies to breathing signifies the "death rattle", or brathing that is severely impaired, I think by a narrow opening. So stertor--a narrowing of pipes or something?

All shots in the dark today!

MammyT said...
I know stevedore. That is both the guy who does it and the process of - handling cargo on the dock, loading it on and off the ship.
Skippers' wives know these things.

Diane J. said...
Stevedore I know. It's a sailor who loads and unloads cargo from ships/boats.


STEVEDORE - 1) n a person or company engaged in the loading or unloading of ships. 2) vt - to load or unload the cargo of a ship. 3) vi - to load or unload a ship.

STERTOR - n an abnormal snoring sound accompanying breathing.

{I did say they reminded me of my favorite sailor.....}

STERNFOREMOST adv - 1) with the stern foremost 2. awkwardly; with difficulty.

{my definition would be ass-backwards!}

He's the BEST!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pop Quiz

Well, we haven't had one in awhile, so

Do You know what a "Mudbug" is????

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thesaurus Thursday

Just in case this is your first time by here on a Thesaurus Thursday, the "rules" of Thesaurus Thursday are as follows:

First and foremost, leave as many funny definitions for either word (or both) as you can think up in the comments!! The ones that make me laugh the hardest will be given the Silly Goose Award.

Next, if you know (or think you know) the true definitions without looking them up then be sure and leave those in the comments too!! All definitions that are correct (or close enough for government work and Mighty Mom) will win the Smarty Pants Award!

Awards will be given out in Monday's post, so don't forget to come and see if you won!

This week's words were inspired by my favorite crusty sailor. and his cronies (like Cookie)



(and just because it made me smile)


Mommy (Daddy) Chronicles & responses

We interrupt this regularly scheduled spanking......

Subvet spanked Gator for pulling down the curtains, then pulled down his pants to spank his bare hiney.

Next he spanked Sonshine (they were both in the room we figure it's a joint effort). Then he pulled down Sonshine's pants to spank his bare hiney and exclaims "Jesus, Mary & Joseph!" Mom had to run down the hall to keep from busting out laughing!

Apparently Sonshine had some extra padding of the brown stinky sort back there.

A quick diaper change and then back to spank the bare hiney for pulling down the curtains.

Moral of the story:

Life is full of surprises!

to quote Gomer Pyle "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

Steph, no we don't still go to that church, we left just before we moved out to this little town.

Sonshine's fav Beatles is the same that mine was all through childhood "Eight Days a Week" :-)

Ellen, if you don't mind me asking, do you say you're "white" or Russian?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey there all Military and Supporters!!

As a final note to the controversy over the flag that's been waging at AfricanKelli's blog I invite each of my readers to go and see what Stephanie has written about it.

Stephanie was the one who brought the bags made from the American Flag to my attention in the first place and I think her final words on the subject are perfect.


Subvet tagged me for the 7 non-important things meme

So here we go;
1. When tagged, place the name and URL on your blog.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 non-important things/quirks/habits about yourself.
4. Name 7 of your favorite blogs.

The non-important things are:

1. I LOVE the Beatles! I am a second generation Beatlemaniac...and Sonshine is a third generation!! (Subvet hates this)

2. I HATE being called "white". It's not an ethnicity, it's a color...and unless you're colorblind, I'm not white. I'm pink/peach/light tan depending. I prefer to be called American.

3. I grew up in the poor part of South Dallas, I was one of about 10 "white" students in the entire elementary school (Kindergarten through 6th grade) the population was primarily of African descent, with more than a fair few of Hispanic or Mexican descent.

4. I refuse to use my maiden name as my middle initial because of the harassment and abuse I suffered in elementary school (by both students and teachers) where I was known as "Sarah T." To this day that name haunts me.

5. There were only 11 people at my wedding. Counting us and our preacher.

from closest to furthest. My Grandmother and Grandfather (deceased) My mother, My sister, my brother, my step-mother, my dad, my brother.

You can figure out who's who in the other one!

6. Ours was the first wedding in our (then fledgling) church. All Nations United Methodist Church, who's motto was "diverse by design". This church was founded with the idea to desegregate "the most segregated hour in America".

7. I hate the song "Sara Smile". You try having a song sung to you over and over by every smart aleck you ever run into. And besides...they didn't even spell the name right! :-)

Now, who to tag? Frankly folks, time's ticking away here in my ALONE time and I have things to do. So, if you feel like doing this meme go ahead. I'll see y'all later tonight!

Have a happy day.

tagged! twice!

Pinky at Cheese in my Shoe tagged me.

The Rules:
1. Write your own six word memoir.
2. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you want.
3. Link to the person that tagged you in your post and to the original post if possible so we can track it as travels across the blogosphere.
4. Tag at least five more blogs with links.
5. Leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

O Tidings of Comfort and Joy

I'm tagging Ma Kettle, Diana, Jungle Mom, Ellen B, Diane J, Mammy T

Have fun ladies!

I'm working on the other tag as well as that sewing lesson...stay tuned!

{yes, I made that afghan....and those were my one's retired and the other's been adopted by Sonshine}

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

TINY TALK TUESDAY is once again upon us. Go see Mary at Not Before 7 to see more of this fun event.

Sonshine (repeatedly) "I'm gonna ride the elephant today mama!"

Mom "no, we went yesterday, we'll go another time."

Sonshine "YEEES!! I'm gonna ride the elephant at the faire later!!"

(5 min later)

Sonshine "Need go to the faire Mama!"

and on and get the picture.....


Thievin again!

Well now folks, when ol Cookie gives a NO BEVERAGES warning you know it's gonna be good!

A chili story…

I went grocery shopping recently while not being altogether sure that course of action was a wise one. You see, the previous evening I had prepared and consumed a massive quantity of my patented ‘You’re definitely going to shit yourself’ chili. Tasty stuff, albeit hot to the point of being painful, which comes with a written guarantee from me that if you eat it, the next day both of your a$$ cheeks WILL fall off.

Here’s the thing. I had awakened that morning, and even after two cups of coffee (and all of you know what I mean) nothing happened. No ‘Watson’s Movement 2′.

Despite harbanera peppers swimming their way through my intestinal tract, I appeared to be unable to create the usual morning symphony referred to by my next door neighbors as "thunder and lightning".

Knowing that a time of reckoning had to come, yet not sure of just when, I bravely set off for the market; a local Wal-Mart grocery store that I often haunt in search of tasty tidbits.

Upon entering the store at first all seemed normal. I selected a cart and began pushing it about dropping items in for purchase. It wasn’t until I was at the opposite end of the store from the restrooms that the pain hit me. Oh, don’t look at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m referring to that ‘Uh oh, gotta go’ pain that always seems to hit us at the wrong time. The thing is, this pain was different.

The habaneras in the chili from the night before were staging a revolt. In a mad rush for freedom they bullied their way through the small intestines, forcing their way into the large intestines, and before I could take one step in the direction of the restrooms which would bring sweet relief, it happened. The peppers fired a warning shot.

There I stood, alone in the spice and baking aisle, suddenly enveloped in a noxious cloud the likes of which has never before been recorded. I was afraid to move for fear that more of this vile odor might escape me. Slowly, oh so slowly, the pressure seemed to leave the lower part of my body, and I began to move up the aisle and out of it, just as an elderly woman turned into it.

I don’t know what made me do it, but I stopped to see what her reaction would be to the malodorous effluvium that refused to dissipate, as she walked into it unsuspecting. Have you ever been torn in two different directions emotionally? Here’s what I mean, and I’m sure some of you at least will be able to relate.

I could’ve warned that poor woman but didn’t. I simply watched as she walked into an invisible, and apparently indestructible, wall of odor so terrible that all she could do before gathering her senses and running, was to stand there blinking and waving her arms about her head as though trying to ward off angry bees. This, of course, made me feel terrible, but then made me laugh. Mistake.

Here’s the thing. When you laugh, it’s hard to keep things ‘clamped down’, if you know what I mean. With each new guffaw an explosive issue burst forth from my nether region. Some were so loud and echoing that I was later told a few folks in other aisles had ducked, fearing that someone was robbing the store and firing off a shotgun.

Suddenly things were no longer funny. IT was coming, and I raced off through the store towards the restrooms, laying down a cloud the whole way, praying that I’d make it before the grand mal assplosion took place.

Luck was on my side. Just in the nick of time I got to the john, began the inevitable ‘Oh my God’, floating above the toilet seat because my ass is burning SO BAD, purging.

One poor fellow walked in while I was in the middle of what is the true meaning of ‘Shock and Awe’. He made a gagging sound, and disgustedly said, ‘Sonofabitch!’, then quickly left.

Once finished I left the restroom, reacquired my partially filled cart intending to carry on with my shopping when a store employee approached me and said, ‘Sir, you might want to step outside for a few minutes. It appears some prankster set off a stink bomb in the store. The manager is going to run the vent fans on high for a minute or two which ought to take care of the problem.’

That of course set me off again, causing residual gases to escape me. The employee took one sniff, jumped back pulling his shirt up to cover his nose and, pointing at me in an accusing manner shouted, ‘IT’S YOU!’, then ran off returning moments later with the manager. I was unceremoniously escorted from the premises and asked none too kindly not to return.

Home again without having shopped, I realized that there was nothing to eat but leftover chili, so I consumed two more bowls. The next day I went to shop at Albertson’s. I can’t say anymore about that because we are in court over the whole matter. Bastards claim they’re going to have to repaint the store..

answers and such.

Pops, it's a Flute, a Lute looks like a guitar.

MammyT, dunno why you can comment sometimes and not others...but please keep trying as I love your comments!

Steph, we didn't try the fried ice cream as it was 10am and 60 degrees at the time...when we were ready to eat we were in another part of the park... but it's on my list for next time! (along with a funnel cake and turkey leg and gyro and......)

Diane, what cracked me up was the cannas that came up OUTSIDE the flower bed! Another rule breaker among us!

Steph, the Southland Life Building was bought and renamed. Here you go.

Jen, hubby drove :-) and I yakked all the way there and all the way home! I was soooooo excited!!

Cookie, Billy Bob's is fun I've been told, never been there... and thanks, :-)

MammyT, a Methodist choir director huh? I knew there was something about you.... ;-)

Pops, no, you're not the only guy round here....Cookie comments regularly...and Subvet well as Glenn and Infantry Dad occasionally....but feel free to "encourage" the guys to comment more! Castles and churches are my favs too! and Yes, Subvet does clean up well! ;-)

MammyT, at the bottom of the youtube video, after it's done there are several tiny pictures, if you click on them they pull up related videos, I haven't watched them, but they look like more from the same performance...I'd start there. Or go to and search Mrs. Hughes and see what all you get.

And folks, there's still quite the debate about making handbags out of an American Flag going on over at AfricanKelli's blog. Here's my take on it all:

Have you ever seen the movie "Thank you for smoking!"??? I highly recommend it! Here's the gist. You and I disagree on topic Y. (tired of using X all the time) You and I debate topic Y. I will never convince you that I'm right. You will never convince me that you're right. However, all the people surrounding us listening may or may not be decided yet. It's THEM that I want to convince. And when we discuss the American Flag there are many important reasons and deep feelings to teach those who don't know how to show respect to our flag. Overall, this debate has made me sad. Because there are Americans out there who truly feel that there's nothing more important in our flag than a piece of pretty cloth. That, my friends, breaks my heart. How can someone raised in this country NOT have been taught the special-ness of our flag? But the thing is, this isn't something you can reason into a person. It must be taught from childhood, shown by example. No wonder so many couldn't care less about a Presidential Candidate who doesn't salute the flag during the Star Spangled Banner!! I mean, why bother? It's just some cloth up on a pole......


It's just too sad, and unfortunately, it is a sign of our times.

And "barrack", thank you for your comment, I usually go to the blog of all new commentors and tell them thanks and please come again...but you left no url so I'll tell you here to come on back. Oh, and since you were concerned.....let me assure you that I do indeed have a life, a Wonderful Life as a matter of fact, for more information about My Wonderful Life see the blog header.

I'll get back to my regularly scheduled posts tomorrow. I'm trying to get Subvet to record another video for my sewing for beginners post on Wed and I forgot to weigh in for the brown plate today. As for Magic Moments Monday I'll be brief.

"I'm gonna pray when the Spirit says pray

I'm gonna sing when the Spirit says sing

I'm gonna shout when the Spirit says shout

And obey the Spirit of the Lord!"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Here They Are!!

As promised, I took a LOT of pictures, and here's all of them for you to oooo and aaahhh at appropriate intervals. Ready?

This is outside the gates, we arrived about 30min before they opened (9:30am) and got a nice parking spot...but there were lots of cars there ahead of us! The "show" began before we were even out of the car....we didn't realize just how many folks dress up...we couldn't tell the employees from the customers!!

YES! We decided that the double stroller would be Sugars' chariot, (plus STUFF) driven by Momma and the boys would have a Dragon Wagon driven by Daddy. This turned out to be a great idea! I loved that it was shaded, the boys loved riding and we didn't have to worry about them wandering off or getting away from us all day! Cost was a $25 deposit, of which we got $15 back when we turned the wagon back in at 2pm.

Fun at the Petting Zoo.

Cool carved stone statues.

You might be a Mommy if:
You get more excited at finding a passey in your pocket unexpectedly than finding money unexpectedly.

Mom wants a pic of the guys in front of this cool statue/fountain with dragons, fish and butterflies...

guys want to look at cool statue/fountain......

A jouster. (who was quite a jester!)

A dragon to slay!! Who shall be our hero?

Well, ok all you had to do was knock off the ring attached to his mouth......

Daddy and Sonshine! Drums roll.......everyone ooooooooo

everyone aaaaahhh and cheer!!

Next up is Daddy and Gator-boy!


aaaaaahhhhh and cheer!! this time they even caught the ring!!

which is better than these guys did!

and THEY are "professional" jousters!

This is a pic of the sign for fried (or fryed) ice cream.....there's a long story of my childhood misdeeds attached to it and I just had to have a pic as I've never heard of "fried ice cream" before...thought me and Angie were the only ones to have "burned" ice cream!! (not kidding we really did! I'll tell ya another time!)

Here we have Sonshine's highlight of the day! We heard about this and the parade all day long!! Now we have to go back!!

We left at 2:00pm, after the parade and a final privey stop.

Here's the view as turned out of the parking lot. (that's not an exaggeration)

The temperature for the day was 70 degrees F. With a regular nippy breeze. As you can see there were very few clouds in the sky. The bluebonnets were blooming on the trip as well as these "buttercups"

A gorgeous day and a fun time had by all.

You know you're a Mommy when your entire family walks around outside for 4 1/2 hours and you're the ONLY one who gets sunburned....cause you wouldn't let anyone else out of the car without sunblock...but forgot to put it on yourself!

This is the site that always makes me feel "I'm home!" It's awesome at night when lit patterns circle the ball.

I thought I'd show you some other parts of the Dallas skyline as well, some are distorted as we were zipping along at about 60-70mph and I was taking these through the window.

Blow that pic up and see if you can find the red pegasus.

When it was built it was the tallest building for miles and miles and the pegasus, which is outlined in neon red could be seen from the horizon.

I've always loved the Old Red Courthouse!

This is the building where my mom has worked for >15 years. It is known as the "old school book depository" and now houses the "Sixth Floor Museum". Funny story. Mom works on the 4th floor, the uppermost floor accessable to the public (without paying). At the time when the museum was being built a man in a flashy yellow suit got off the elevator. Mom's desk was right in front of the elevators then, he had a couple of other men with him and he told mom he wanted to see the sixth floor. She said he couldn't as it wasn't open to the public. He insisted. Mom said no...eventually he left. The next day she sees an article in the Dallas Morning News with this guy's picture...quite identifyable in that suit! He was the King of Sweden. :-)

We call this the "rocket building" it looks like it has gigantic slides on either side!

Look close, can you see the "X" ? It's lit at night. Very cool. There's another building I didn't get a pic of that's outlined in green neon at night....also very cool.

Actually I prefer the night skyline to the day...but either way it's home!

This is the keyhole building.

For more pics of the very cool buildings in downtown Dallas go here and keep clicking on "next"
This half moon followed us all the way home.

And here you can see me, (glowing-red), holding my new toy! It is a wooden flute, concert pitch, key of G-major. I'm way excited!

And don't worry about my sunburn, I'll turn brown by tomorrow or next day. Used to amaze Subvet how fast I turn from looking lobster-ish to looking dark tan. It the Native American showing through all that Irish! :-)

OK, time to put this up and go sew!!

One more pic I took this week. I was weeding my flower beds right before those storms blew in...look what I found under the dead cannas!

Guess I'm not the only one who breaks the rules!!