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Friday, March 27, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

Welcome to all newcomers!! Take a minute and peruse our "game rules" here, then come back to this post and join in for big fun and enormous laughs!

Are you ready??

Last week's official definitions were:

izzard - the letter z

mecopterous - belonging or pertaining to an order (Mecoptera) of carnivorous insects characterized by a long snoutlike head with biting mouthparts at the tip, as the scorpionflies.

Congrats to these Silly Geese:

Stephanie D. said...
Izzard--lizzard who lost his head instead of his tail, and it didn't grow back. I guess that makes him dead. Poor Izzard.

SherryTex said...
Mecopterus: Latin for the plea one makes to interrupt and persuade an officer writing a ticket to stop, after being caught dead to rights speeding because you were trying to get three children to three different activities within a twenty minute time period.


Thanks! y'all cracked me up!!

Sorry, no Smarty Pants Winners this week, but try again on the new words!!

The words for this week are:



For those of you who are new this year, all words and definitions come from my 1992 Random House Webster's College Dictionary. I do not pick proper nouns or words that I know the meaning of.

For all winners, the Awards will continue to be found on my sidebar to pick up at your leisure.

Now don't forget to leave your comments for the new words!


Stephanie D. said...

Wait a minute--izzard means the letter z? Why does it take 6 letters to spell a letter? This hurts my brain.

Jungle Mom said...

eidolon, This what we say while waiting for the show American idol. we yell to the kids from across the house,"Is eidolon?"

eidetic,this is the medical term used fora nervous tic which effects the eye.