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Friday, March 20, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

Welcome to all newcomers!! Take a minute and peruse our "game rules" here, then come back to this post and join in for big fun and enormous laughs!

Are you ready??

Last week's official definitions were:

rasorial - 1) given to scratching the ground for food, as chickens 2) adapted for scratching as a bird's foot.

ratite - 1) having a flat, unkeeled sternum, as an ostrich, cassowary, emu, or moa 2) a bird having a ratite sternum

Congrats to these Silly Geese:

AZ hiding in the weeds said...
Oh oh! I know!!!!

RASORIAL: I remember in high school our principal would announce on the PA system every A.M. that everyone must be appropriate in their sartorial affair. Meaning everyone should dress appropriately for school. Rasorial is the new sartorial! Meaning if your raggedy ass underwear is peeking out of your pants you need to go home and change!

Jungle Mom said...
ratite:a new explosive like dynamite but made from Radio Active Tea.


Thanks! y'all cracked me up!!

The words for this week are:



For those of you who are new this year, all words and definitions come from my 1992 Random House Webster's College Dictionary. I do not pick proper nouns or words that I know the meaning of.

For all winners, the Awards will continue to be found on my sidebar to pick up at your leisure.

Now don't forget to leave your comments for the new words!


Humble wife said...

izzard- My sister's Cathy and Liz are 12 months apart. My mother loved the name Elizabeth-and planned on calling Liz-- Beth...Cathy could not pronounce the 'th'.

The word izzard was coined at Killeen Texas, in the local pediatricians office. It means you can't pronounce th, therefore the child eventually be called Izzard by all her siblings, friends, entire elementary school, jr. high, and High school. In fact the syndrome will cause Elizabeth to sign her signature as Izzard.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Izzard - A lonely gizzard who lost his G.

Mecopterous - A self propelled helicopter.

Stephanie D. said...

Izzard--lizzard who lost his head instead of his tail, and it didn't grow back. I guess that makes him dead. Poor Izzard.

Mecopterus--some kind of prehistoric dinosaur? (Umm, is there any other kind of dinosaur?)

SherryTex said...

Izzard: the part of the reptile that is left in your six year old son's hands when he tries to catch the darn thing he shouldn't have brought into the house in the first place.

Mecopterus: Latin for the plea one makes to interrupt and persuade an officer writing a ticket to stop, after being caught dead to rights speeding because you were trying to get three children to three different activities within a twenty minute time period.

I owed you a serious visit.

Jungle Mom said...

Izzard: a demoted wizard. Having broken the wizard code, he has lost his 'w'.

A dinosaur which acted as the 'cop' of all dinos. He has been noted to have a badge shaped crest upon his chest which resembles that carried by law enforcement officers.

nancy said...

I'm b-a-a-a-ck. And so glad to be Thesaurusing again! Your kids look beautiful.

izzard - the piece of dreck in the little paper bag inside the turkey that no one can identify. Throw. It. Away.

mecopterus - A term of endearment used in ancient Greece by local "ladies of the evening" to woo the roving policemen into turning a blind eye to their activities.