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Friday, March 6, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

Welcome to Thesaurus Thursday, 2009.

This game has brought me great joy and taught me many new words! I'm glad to continue it into this new year. Welcome to all newcomers!! Take a minute and peruse our "game rules" here, then come back to this post and join in for big fun and enormous laughs!

Are you ready??

Last week's official definitions were:

job lot - 1) a large, often assorted quantity of goods sold or handled as a single transaction 2) a miscellaneous collection; quantity of odds and ends.

jodhpur - 1) riding breeches cut very full over the hips and tapering at the knees to become tightfitting from the knees to the ankeles 2) also called jodhpur shoe, jodhpur boot, an anklehigh shoe worn with such breeches, having a strap that encircles the ankle and buckles on the side. (Congrats Smarty Pants Stephanie and Lori!!)

Congrats to these Silly Geese:

Stephanie D. said...
Job Lot-- A store similar to Big Lots, only they sell jobs instead of merchandise.

Lisa said...
jodphur - n. the noise a congenial sleeping cat makes when you nudge it with your foot.


Thanks! y'all cracked me up!!

The words for this week are:



For those of you who are new this year, all words and definitions come from my 1992 Random House Webster's College Dictionary. I do not pick proper nouns or words that I know the meaning of.

For all winners, the Awards will continue to be found on my sidebar to pick up at your leisure.

Now don't forget to leave your comments for the new words!


Stephanie D. said...

rappen--what I'm usually doing the last 20 minutes before we open gifts on Christmas morning!

rapparee--a huge party for rappers--as in a jamboree.

yeah, well, it's the best I could do on only one cup of coffee.

Jungle Mom said...

rappen; Something white girls like me can not do very well.

rapparee, Much like Gymboree, it is a place to take your children and learn to 'rap' together.

Linda said...

Rappen - similar to knocking but not as loud.

Rapparee - when everyone in the neighborhood gets together to simultaneously wrap gifts!