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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thesaurus Thursday, Answers, Winners, and Words

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Just in case this is your first time by here on a Thesaurus Thursday, the "rules" of Thesaurus Thursday are as follows:

First and foremost, leave as many funny definitions for either word (or both) as you can think up in the comments!! The ones that make me laugh the hardest will be given the Silly Goose Award.

Last week's Silly Goose Winner is:

Jungle Mom said...
Plaudit:a plural audit

Levant:levis for ants????

Next, if you know (or think you know) the true definitions without looking them up then be sure and leave those in the comments too!! All definitions that are correct (or close enough for government work and Mighty Mom) will win the Smarty Pants Award!

Linda, Stephanie, and Diane J all knew Plaudit

Official Definitions:
Plaudit - 1) an enthusiastic expression of approval 2) a demonstration or round of applause.

Levant - to run away from a debt.

Now, our words for next week are.....



Have fun now ya hear!!


Stephanie said...

Jingo--a jingle-writing dingo? (groan)

Jipijapa--some kind of funky, jiggly dance! (Of course, that describes any dance move I make, but let's don't go there.)

I really don't know, but I love the word already. Sure hope it has a definition I can use occasionally!

Diane J. said...

Jingo -- I don't know, but I knew a guy who used to say "By jingo!" all the time.

Jipijapa -- An Amazonian tribal wedding costume.

Sorry. That's the best I can do right now.

Cookie..... said...


JipiJapa- The lesser known Mexican food related to the ChimiChunga...

Jongo- an Italian Jingle

Jungle Mom said...

yeah ! I got the silly pants award!!! Woo Hoo.

Linda said...

I gotta get here earlier, Cookie took my definition of JipiJapa away from me before I even read the comments! That's okay, though, I think that means brilliant minds think alike!

Jongo - a drum made of of recycled toilets similar to a bongo (yeah, I know - this one was really crappy!).

Cookie..... said...

Yur correct missy Linda...great minds do indeed think alike, and I like the way you think... ;-)

BTW...My "Jingo" was a typo and I typed Jongo in error....but I really like your "Jongo" definition..."recycled toilets"...yupper...that's somewheres along my line of thinkin as well....Good one!

Cookie..... said...

Hey Linda, I just read yur "bio" and I see where y'all used to tell people like this old cop where t'go...also, I see where you enjoy Broadway sound tracks. If you go over to the Cookshack and check out my post for May 19th, there might be something there you'll enjoy.....


Linda said...

On my way to check this out ... I do so love a good musical!