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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prayer requests.

Some of you have asked "What happened" with me and the Methodist church. In exploring our faiths to determine the best course to take with the children Subvet and I decided to delve deeper than "I like this church...." As a part of that process I bought the 2 books of "bylaws and resolutions" for the United Methodist church. My pastor had told us that Methodists were, by doctrine, pro-life (as we would expect a Christian Church to be). However, in researching I found the pages that I scanned and posted yesterday. This is the ONLY reference in either book to abortion/woman's choice and is therefore the definitive answer as to what this church's governing body believes.


I cannot abide by this. Therefore the Methodist Church and I, as of last night, have come to a parting of the ways. (I emailed these pages to my pastor and am still awaiting a response)

Some of you have gotten the following in an email (or 2). I am asking for prayers for my cousin Brian. This came today from his mother (my Aunt Bev)

"He is doing better today after almost 5 hours of surgery last night. Hopefully will go home on Thurs or Friday. Who could know that an air bag could cause so much damage.

For those that haven't heard yet, Brian was injured in a head on collison Sat evening about 6pm. He was hit in the face by the air bag which resulted in multiple fractures to his cheek bones, upper jaw, nose, brow bone and orbits to his eyes. Basically,his mid face was floating and he was mm's from death. God is so good! He has had Brian in the palm of his hand through all of this. The surgery last night required 12 screws and many plates to put his upper jaw, eye orbits and cheeks back together. This took so long that the plastic surgeon did not want to continue and fix his nose. He wants the upper jaw to heal and become stable before Brian's nose is repaired. So in 6-8 weeks Brian will have surgery to fix his nose. Please continue to pray for his healing

There are many blessings and many lessons in all this....that we all are learning. I praise God for Jessica, Brian's wife.....she is a rock! She has been so level headed, taking care of everything on her own. One step, one day at a time in God's will not mine has been the example she lives. Please pray for her continued strength, wisdom, and God's hand on her.

Psalms 31 and 32 have been what Brian has held onto....and the poem Worth by M. Baxbaum.

Thank you for all your concerns and prayers.....and I could use a little more energy and endurance to keep up with these 3 and 4 year old very active, very mischievious grandchildren."

He was driving home from a friend's house and dropped his cell phone, he looked down to retreive it and drifted into oncoming traffic. Resulting in a head-on collision. The people in the other car walked away uninjured. (Praise the Lord).

He and his wife live in Lafayette, La with their two children Brynn (girl, age 4) and Brock (boy, age 3).

Thank you for your prayers over these 2 situations in my family.


ellen b. said...

Whoa! I'm praying right now for Brian and for you as you decide what to do about a church body.

Diane J. said...

Well, I'm Southern Baptist. I don't agree with every nitpicking thing they teach, but it's the closest thing to what I believe and I've been saved and a member for almost 40 years. Even some Southern Baptists are trying to push abortion as an option for unwanted pregnancy, so it would be wise of you to ask the pastor of any church you're seriously considering joining what that body's belief is regarding abortion and any other questions you might have before you join.

I got your emails re: your cousin and have been praying, just been too busy and away from the computer so haven't emailed you back. I was glad to get the email earlier that he's doing well now.

diana said...

how scary for brian and his family. they will be in my prayers.

i'm sorry to hear about your split with the church. i'd be interested to know how the pastor responds.

MammyT said...

By the way -- you won! Congratulations. See today's post on my site.

Jungle Mom said...

I am a little late coming by , but I will pray!

Linda said...

Sorry I've been MIA for awhile, am doing my best to catch back up now. I did get the emails about your cousin Brian and was glad to see that he successfully made it through surgery. I had heard that airbags could really do a number on a person but still ... the poor guy. Healing thoughts and prayers are heading his way.

Best wishes in your church search; I'm sure that the right place will present itself at the right time. God won't let you wander around lost for too long!