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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Memorial Day.

I am reposting this post. Take a minute, even if you've seen it before and reread it. Ponder what it says. There are many great Memorial Day posts floating around the internet this weekend, this is mine.

Look at this man.

Look into his eyes. Look closely. Notice the expression on his face. Note the way he wears his uniform.

Look again. Can you imagine what he may have been thinking when this picture was taken?

What do you think his plans for his life are?

Look at him again. Look at the set of his jaw, the shape of his ears.

Would you like to shake his hand?

What do you imagine you would say to him?

What would he say to you?

Look at this man.

"This painting is of Clint Gertson, who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country, and to help insure the freedom of the Iraqi people. This painting is done by Kaziah Hancock, a well known artist who paints these works of art of our true American hero's who have given all.....for free.

My wife and myself considered ourselves honored and privileged to know Clint's wonderful parents, Susan and Gayle Gertson of Eagle Lake, Texas, for they too have made a great sacrifice...

If you, or someone you know has lost a son or daughter in combat, you can contact Kaziah at Project Compassion by using this, or the above link.....

Kaziah, may God Bless you and your staff for the wonderful work you have, and are, doing for these families that have given so much for their Country......"

Look again at this man.

Can you tell him thank you? For all the things he saw....and all the things he didn't live to see?

Every week Subvet posts the names and ages of our soldiers that have fallen.

It's a list of names.....every name has a face, just like Clint.

Look at this man. This man died for you.

What have you done today to honor him?

Again, look at this man, remember him, honor his sacrifice.


MightyMom said...

I would like to thank Sue Gertson for allowing me the privilege of posting her son's picture.

I would also like to thank Cookie for his help in procuring said permission.

It is not a cliche folks

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I'm at a loss for words. Thanks for the reminder,MightyMom.

jennifer said...

Mighty Mom, May we all thank God for this man. May God bless the families of the fallen, so that they find comfort in times of loss.

I am choked up with compassion, and can only say that time doesn't heal the grief if there is no support.

We must, as a nation, support these families. We must remember them and offer a shoulder, a babysitter, or just an ear.

Thanks so much for carrying this story to more readers.

Susan Gertson said...

Thank You - that was beautiful.

Gayle & Susan Gertson

Airbornedad said...

Thanks, Mom. Well said.

Linda said...

Thank you for putting a face on one our fallen heroes and for reminding people of the ultimate sacrifice that some make in order for others to be free.

God bless his family and may He uphold them in their time of loss.

Diane J. said...

God bless those like Clint who've made the ultimate sacrifice and those who are still guarding our freedom.

Semper Fi.

Karen H. said...

Dear Mighty Mom,
Oh my gosh. I looked at that picture and I almost couldn't post. I am not worthy to be sitting here playing on the internet while these BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN are out there defending our country. This is just an awesome post. I truly am proud of them. I remember when the 875th infantry was sent off last year, they had a big send off for them. It was broadcast on our local television station. I couldn't hardly stand to watch it. I didn't know any of them, but watching them depart from family and loved ones, had my crying. When they came home in September of this year, they had a "Welcome Home" parade for them. They came home in 3 different buses. Each bus was escorted to a certain place by police cars and motorcycles and ambulances. It was just unbelievable. People were lined up and down the roads. This was also broadcast live on our local station. I was brought to tears by this also. I am proud to say that "I AM VERY PROUD OF THESE MEN AND WOMEN AND PROUD THAT THEY ARE SERVING THEIR COUNTRY AND THAT I HAVE EVERY RESPECT THERE IS FOR THEM." May God Bless each and everyone of them and their families. I have an uncle that is deceased now, but he served in the Vietnam War. He used to call my mom (it was her brother) and talk about how they never got anything like this when they left or came back. It really tore him up. This should be on National television and on the news as well. Maybe people (the ones that don't) will realize how glad they are to be living in this Country. I could go on and on about this, but I guess it's time I quit. I could sit here all night and talk about this and my thoughts. I'm glad I came by and visited you. Thank you so much for posting this. Take care and have a great weekend.
Karen H.

Penless Thoughts said...

Powerful!!! Yes, we need to look and be reminded over and over again of the great sacrifice that is being made for our freedom. Probably another one this very day. What a wonderful work of love by this artist.

Infantry Dad said...

What a wonderful thing Kaziah is doing, and what a great tribute your post.
You have no way of knowing how comforting it is to know that there are people who have no one serving, yet are willing to go to great lengths to help those who do cope.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Still love this.

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