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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a parting of the ways.

I'm "church shopping". Any suggestions? (Subvet's vote is Catholic)


Heather K said...

I'm out of the loop...what happened to your church? you left I'm guessing?

diana said...

a good community church. are you going to let us know what happened?

mommyof5 said...

We were attending a Catholic church when we first got married. But I didn't like what they believed. They are allot like the Methodist church. They believe you should be baptist as a baby...Not what the bible says. And they believer you should repent your sins to the Father(their pastors). They told me when they hear confession that God goes into them so they can wash take away the sins and tell them what prayers to do to be forgiven. I just didn't like it when I was old enough to really understand what they were teaching. You may want to read look into the catholic church and their beliefs before you join. I like a nondemtional church or a modern baptist church.
Mommy of 5

MammyT said...

Hi Sarah, I've been most happy as an Assembly of God girl, and would always recommend it. It would be a big change for you, but maybe it would be a welcome one. It was for me. Remember I was a Methodist at one time.
You would not be happy in a Catholic Church. I don't think a Methodist could ever get to a place where they had to answer to the Pope or confess their sins to a Priest.
Please visit a number of denominations and give God a chance to make one feel like home to you. This is such a hard thing. I so sympathize with you.
We are in a Church of God now, well, we are leaving it as we speak, because of difficulties of this same nature. In our case the error is not in the doctrine of the denomination, but of the pastor who leads this church. We are looking for an Assembly of God that's not too far from us.
I will continue to pray for you, that God will show you where you need to be. I hope it doesn't take too long, but if it does, that's sometimes His Will for us -- to be diligent in seeking His leading and direction.
Keep me posted.

ABNPOPPA said...


I commented to Subvet when we first started blogging I was a Lutheran and had trouble with the liberal direction it was going. I still attend though however, I met a retired ARMY Chaplin last November who is now at a Greencastle Bible Church. I go there at least once a month. I started going as he asked me to come and I said I would. I have attended many Methodist services as my aunt and uncle would take me to church with them and their two boys. Like mammyt said, it would be a change for you and Subvet, a Bible Church, I mean. Not nearly the Pomp and Circumstance as the Lutheran and Catholic church, at least at Greencastle. Just plain old Bible teaching and what the Bible says, not what some Bishop, Lutheran's have Bishops also, says we should do. I have been rasslin' with leaving leaving the Lutheran church for sometime and this may just be the motivation I need. I will say this. you have to go more than one time, Catholic and Lutheran churches are so much different than other church services, well at least I did.

Good Luck, G-d will guide you down the right path.

One Postscript,

I would have a set down talk with your pastor and ask him specifically "what are you going to teach about abortion?" Are you going to follow Methodist doctrine? Is abortion wrong, Nail it down. I have attended a Lutheran church where the Pastor basically said he was teaching what was right and not what the Synod said, of course he was ostracized but his congregation love him. He passed away at the 44, so sad, he was a good Pastor.

OK, I lied, two Postscripts, here is the web site to Greeencastle Bible Church, You can go to it and hear some sermons for yourself. Just to give you an idea what a difference there is.

Jungle Mom said...

You know what I will say, right????:)

Anonymous said...

Much love to you, my friend.
I know this has hurt your heart deeply.
But remember, Jesus isn't a Methodist (or x,y,z), he's Jesus.

He'll guide you to the right church.

I'll go visit with you if you'd like....