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Friday, September 7, 2007

Show and Tell

Kelli is hosting show and tell Friday again

So, here's mine.

You know those commercials about "keep the change banking"??? Well, I've been doing just that ever since my mother first gave me $2 to take to school to buy the $1.80 hot lunch. (ut-oh, I just dated myself huh?)

Here's my deal....I HATE to pay with exact change! Don't ask why, I just do.

So I always have a bunch of change hanging around. I have always ear-marked this change for some purpose. When I was young it was to buy a Walk-man tape player WITH auto reverse! (YIKES, did it again!!), Then it was whatever thing I wanted but didn't quite have the money for.

Nowadays we have the mason jar you see above on our kitchen counter-top. All our spare change goes in it. We'll dip into it occasionally for drinks and treats, but this is what we've accumulated over the past 2 months. When the jar is full (umm I'm past due here) I will roll all the change and deposit it in a special savings account I keep for the kids' schooling. We average about $30 a month in spare change.

Now, I always play a game. I guess how much money is in the jar before I begin. My guess today was about $60.

Let's get started!


I got $65 in rolled change, plus there is still quite a bit that wasn't enough to roll. Monday I will be off to the bank :-). One thing about rolled coins. They don't allow them in the drive-through. Something about not having enough vacuum to pull the heavy coins....I keep telling them to just hook my checking account up to the tube and the vacuum in it is guaranteed to pull all the money out of that tube...but no one will try it.

Here's an odd thing I found in my jar today.

This quarter has a hole in it. I don't know how or why someone would poke a hole in a perfectly good quarter...but here it is!

And folks, don't ever buy the rolling papers. Any and all banks will give them to you for free. (even through the drive-through)


Diane J. said...

I should do this, but I always seem to dip into my stash and use it before I can actually save anything. ;D

jennifer said...

So cool. My brother will not spend his and always gives the jar to the kids to split.

We(fortunately) are spending every penny, so I am glad for change!!

btw hot lunch at my school $1.05(now who is older??) :o)

ellen b said...

We love putting our spare coins in mason jars around here too. Wow you saved a bundle this time! blessings.

Stephanie said...

Oh, you are so frugal! When we first got married, we had a very tall jar that we put pennies in. When it was full, J-man bought a 5-speed bicycle with it!

bareden said...

I just started a big pickle jar like that. I am saving for lasik eye surgery. I bet it will get dipped into ALOT before I save up that much :)

bareden said...

I just started a big pickle jar like this. I am saving for lasik eye surgery. I bet it will get dipped into ALOT before I save that much :)

diana said...

okay... go to this post of mine:
and tell me what your guess would be for how much is in my jars =]

i think it's great that you save that money and then deposit it every month into account(s) for the kid's schooling.

PEA said...

I save all my change too but it's to use at the casino when I go to Niagara Falls! lol Sometimes it's only $40 to $60 but I seem to go a long way on the slots with that, playing the nickel machines of course! hehe I love the fact that you put the change in a savings account for the kids' schooling! xox

Mohawk Chieftain said...

Might be the lucky quarter I used to have. I drilled a hole thru it and wore it on a small chain, around my red neck.

Penless Thoughts said...

I save pennies and put in a little savings account for my grandkids. I also save $5 worth of all the new issued state quarters.

MightyMom said...

Diana. yikes! Those suckers are HUGE!!

I really have no idea, but I'd guess $200 for the pennies and about $500 for the silver.

Now you have to count them and tell me how close I was!!

charish said...

Hello Sara(or is it Sarah)
I also keep my change ours is for the winter when we have poker nigh so it adds up over the summer. Thanks for sharing.

MightyMom said...

it is Sarah, and thanks for coming by!

My hubby (from NY) says that here in TX we have 2 seasons, summer and Christmas.

That would make our poker nights few and far between huh?

bareden said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I am new at this. I do have a weight loss blog that I started about a month ago, but that is not going well :) I am still trying to figure out how to do links and pics and stuff. You know my boys have never really caused me to lose my insanity except when the oldest two reached about 18. I will be putting much more about that on my blog soon!

Cookie..... said... I'm gonna date myself....elementary school...a hot lunch was....drum roll please... .27 cents....

....and my parents screamed bloody murder when it went to .30 cents. Had to eat brown bagged lunches after that.....

Lee-ann said...

Well seeing as my show & tell is bout my vintage Jars I should do what you are doing filling them up with coins.....that is a great idear your show & tell is today I am so pleased to have "popped in" from here in Australia.