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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get in the Ring!

OK, well let's see what you make of this.

Actually, I'm of two minds here.

a) Ms Barber is right, equal means EQUAL. Pump as often as you can, buy formula for the rest.

b) Many employers won't allow a woman 10-15min to pump every 3-4 hours...but WILL allow smokers breaks to go outside and have a cigarette....which Subvet (a former smoker) tells me takes 10-15min every 3-4 hours....

Oh, and

c) This lady is a nut that I don't ever want working on me. I mean really.....special consideration for dyslexia and ADHD so she can take the test over 2 days instead of the usual 1, then wants 60 extra min more than the 45 min break to pump?? How is she ever going to be a good MD? She should be a lawyer instead!

As an aside, I've worked with nursing moms who only pumped on their lunch break and were able to nurse their baby just fine.

PLEASE, don't anybody bring up this lady's argument that she needs extra time to pump "or she risks medical complications." If you do I'll have to wrap my head in duct tape to keep it from exploding!

Remember, we're not even talking about a job here....just ONE (ooops, now it's two) day(s) to take a NINE HOUR test.

To quote Sonshine's latest fav phrase, "Oh, my goodness!"


Penless Thoughts said...

Just another publicity seeker and an uncalled for law suit. What else is new? My husband and I were talking yesterday....what has happened to good, honest, hard working people. With the emphasis on HONEST!!!

diana said...

oh brother. what comes to mind first is how does this woman expect to be a doctor (or in the medical field)?

i agree with the original blogger; if women want to be treated more like men, they need to be more willing to abide by reasonable rules and then roll with the punches.

Diane J. said...

If they give the smokers longer breaks I agree the nursing mother should get an equal amount of time. Otherwise, she should suck it in and be held to the same rules as everyone else.

Her time would be better spent on STUDYING for that test than on frivolous lawsuits. She is not looking for equality, she's looking for preferential treatment, which is something else entirely!

I agree, no way would I want this woman having anything to do with my medical treatment. I ain't too sure her cheese ain't sliding off her cracker, LOL! ;D

Stephanie said...

Oh, good grief. It doesn't take that long to pump--OR nurse an infant. Methinks she's just executing plan B in case she flunks again.