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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, it doesn't happen just real often, but I'm good and mad! Here is my comment on Catholic Dads, a blog that Subvet frequents, regarding this "news" item.

Having nursed all 3 of my babies...still nursing the youngest I will say a few things.

1) Plan ahead. When you know you're going to be out and about at meal time take a bottle.
2) It is possible to nurse a baby without anyone knowing that you are doing it, learn to be discreet and modest.
3) Who the heck carries copies of their state's breastfeeding laws with them out to eat? Was she out looking to stir up trouble? And why did she immediately go to a lawyer to have a letter written to Applebee's? I'd be able to write that letter all by myself (IF I'd deemed it necessary)
4) I live in Texas. Even in 100+ degree weather I ALWAYS have a blanket in the diaper bag..if for no other reason than to have something clean to lay the baby on for changing diapers. And as stated, cloth diapers/burp rags make great covers too!

Seems like folks are wanting to claim discrimination for anything! Get a grip.

And a "nurse in" is just nothing more than a publicity stunt....on the same level as "Paul is Dead." Really, this sort of crap in our media when there are so much more important things that DON'T get reported just makes me sick!!

BTW, I'm more inclined to go visit an Applebee's now.....I think to boycott is stupid too! I mean really, why boycott Applebees for trying to help keep their restaurant bare boob-less in a time when Hooters and Twin Peaks are so popular. We should be rewarding them for having standards. They didn't kick her out unceremoniously, they requested she cover, then offered her a blanket, THEN mentioned going outside to finish nursing...I really really would have liked to have been a fly on the wall and seen the whole escapade from start to finish...I just believe that there is probably more here than is reported.

If someone came up to me and said "I noticed that you're nursing..would you mind covering up?" I would be EMBARRASSED and would find me a cover immediately and thank the person for telling me my boob was hanging out for all to see!!!

And here's something else I didn't add...

Having been to my fair share of Applebee's restaurants and others of the same caliber, I will put out this question.

Have you EVER seen a "corner booth" that was secluded??? NOPE! Every spot in that restaurant is out in the ain't candle-lit dining folks. She requested that corner booth so she could seat her SEVEN KIDS just sounded good when the LAWYER wrote the letter!!!


jennifer said...

Oh!!!I am with you on this. I think that everyone is so up to sue everyone!!

Sick, sick sick.I have sat in church and seen a young woman nurse with no one else the wiser. I only noticed because I too was the same way. Modesty is easy to do if one wants to.

diana said...

i agree with you. i'm glad there's a law allowing moms to nurse in public but there should be a certain responsibility put on the mom, too. it all comes down to respecting each other.

btw... read my post today. you've been tagged :)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

I am so with you here. I nursed two of my babies and did so VERY discretely in all sorts of venues. I always had a blanket and find that very appropriate to have.

I can't believe she had a copy of the law with her - agenda, OH YES?

This really gives nursing a bad name because it is women like this who leave everyone feeling irritated and just fired up.

MightyMom said...

I've nursed in empty sunday school classrooms where I could still hear the sermon because I didn't deem it appropriate to nurse in the pew....

we are called to modesty, that does include the need to feed the kid!

I got shingles during this last pregnancy and could not wear a bra. I wore a men's undershirt under my regular clothes and STILL felt weird going to church without a bra. I made sure everyone knew about the shingles (a-I didn't want anyone patting me on the back or hugging me) b-so if they noticed I was "loose" they knew there was a medical reason! I really considered staying home till they were gone, but it was Advent, my favorite time of year and I knew bedrest was in my future..wanted to go while I could.

but still MODESTY!!

Glenn Bartley said...

I don't see what see did wrong, it said she breast fed discreetly, and even sat at the back of the restaurant. My guess is the person who complained about indecent exposure saw nothing but the back of the baby's head, but was disgusted with the whole idea of breast feeding because he or she is stuck up on the possibility of seeing a breast, but that is just my guess.

You see more at the beach or just walking down a crowded street in the summer, and that goes for anywhere in the USA. Breast feeding is as natural and as innocent a thing as can be imagined, I think only someone with a problem would see it as otherwise. Of course, if mom was pushing her boobs in someone's view, repeatedly exposing herself, that would be different. Exhibitionism is quite different that breast feeding. Breast feeding when baby is hungry is a right - natural and or God given, however you look at it. Even more importantly is the baby's right to be breast fed, nothing like mother's milk for a baby - or so I have heard.

All the best,
Glenn B

MightyMom said...

Glenn, you go back to what I said about wanting to have actually been there. The thing is, when folks see the back of the baby's head, they usually DON'T know you're nursing. That's why I'm thinking there was more to this scenario than told. Remember, who called the media in the first place?? I'm betting not Applebee's!