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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Final Post about the Tartan Thistle Bed and Breakfast.

Hello folks, and welcome back to our tour of the Tartan Thistle Bed and Breakfast!

This is a 3 part post. If you missed the beginning, Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.

For this part of our tour we shall journey up that beautifully carved staircase and take a peek at the second floor. As I said before I was the only guest on the second floor and Karen was nice enough to leave the other rooms open so that I could wander around at my leisure and bask in the beauty of my getaway! There are nice pictures of each room and a description of it's accommodations on their website so I'm not going to duplicate that here.

This lovely lady greets you at the top of the stairs.
Isn't she just a doll?!

Hanging in the hallway is this gorgeous bedspread.

As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time looking at this.

As a matter of fact, the love seat in my room faced the door and this hung directly across the hall from my door. So most of the time my door stayed open where I could look up and see such gorgeous handiwork.

Karen told me they found this beauty on eBay. Here is what is known of it's history:

Started in 1914 and finished in 1951! That'll keep you from giving up on all your UFOs!

Some of the rooms were more "girly" some more neutral. I was overwhelmed with girlieness in the Tower room. Pink lace curtains on the brass 4 poster bed. Frills and ruffles everywhere! Even the lamp was dressed in her finest!

This room also boasted this gorgeous hand sewn and hand quilted Double Wedding Ring quilt!

Can you guess what it's draped over?

In the Moors room I found this! And I sooo badly want one for myself now!

Can you tell what it is? Here, this'll help.

It's a very short tapestry footstool. Only about 4-5 inches tall. Perfect for resting your feet on when you don't really want them "up" but don't want to sit with them on the floor either!

And now, for my little piece of heaven for the night. I stayed in the Tartan Room.

A key to the front door and a key to my room and I'm on my own! In my teacup is the 4am Hot Cocoa I told you about....mmmmmm.....

I'd say that the Tartan was the most "masculine" of the rooms. I thought my husband would probably be comfortable with it's decor, whereas he'd probably be nauseous if left in the Tower room for too long. This is a part of the beauty and charm of this B&B. Everyone can find a room to their liking.

When Karen heard that my plan was to sit and sew all night, ever the accommodating hostess, she brought this floor lamp and set it up by the love seat for me. Even going so far as to change the light bulb from a softer pink to a bright white light!

This is the little writing desk with chair next to the bed. I tried and tried to get a good picture of the top of that chair there are beautiful flowers carved into it but none of my pictures came out. Incidentally, this lamp just made me laugh! I had one that looked almost just like that growing up....except it WASN'T on a writing desk. Can anyone guess what kind of lamp that is and where I might have used it??

And oasis!!

The pictures all came out dark, but that, friends and neighbors, is a very large claw foot tub! (the sink and toilet are on the other side of the room) It was soo long that I had to keep my feet on the faucet to keep from drowning! Pure bliss let me tell ya.

I had to wait till sunrise to get a good pic of this pretty window.

Can you tell how tall that lamp is?? Downstairs the ceilings are 13 ft high coming down to 11ft on the 2nd floor. The doors must be about 9-10 ft tall. I wish I'd gotten a good picture of the carving in the door frames.

I had a wonderful retreat! It was peaceful and beautiful. To calm the soul and delight the senses!
Everyone should spend a night here!

And yes, I already have plans to go back!


Lori said...

a PIANO lamp! It must have been a wonderful getaway. I would have spend the entire time examining everything, and would have gotten NOTHING done!

Sara said...

Oh, Lori beat me! Piano lamp.

I've been wondering why you went....I guess I missed that...did you really go just to sew and be alone?

ellen b. said...

I love that the hostess thought to bring you that lamp! Sounds like she really has the gift of hospitality :0)
Glad you could get away to this great spot...

Linda said...

I think I'm with Subvet in that I couldn't stay in the Tower Room for too long without wanting to get out of there. I'm afraid I'm not an over-the-top ribbons and bows and lace kinda gal though I do enjoy them in small quantities.

Looks like a lovely place for a retreat if no other reason than to go soak in that gorgeous tub for a couple of hours. Ah, bliss!

Stephanie D. said...

Love that window!

Couldn't let go of the night schedule, huh? Bet she thought you were one crazy guest!