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Friday, February 13, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

Welcome to Thesaurus Thursday, 2009.

This game has brought me great joy and taught me many new words! I'm glad to continue it into this new year. Welcome to all newcomers!! Take a minute and peruse our "game rules" here, then come back to this post and join in for big fun and enormous laughs!

Are you ready??

Last week's official definitions were:
inclinometer - 1) an instrument for measuring the angle an aircraft makes with the horizontal 2) an instrument with an iron needle swinging freely in the vertical direction for measuring magnetic dip (many of you came very close to this definition...just not specifying that it was found in a plane. So, if you were close and haven't gotten the Smarty Pants before...go ahead and pick it up from the sidebar!)

incogitant - thoughtless; inconsiderate.

Congrats to these Silly Geese:

funtohavefun said...
Inclinometer: the skill of measuring maternal exhaustion by determining the mom to floor incline.

ABNPOPPA said...
Incogitant is what a person is who is incognito.


Thanks! y'all cracked me up!!

The words for this week are:


For those of you who are new this year, all words and definitions come from my 1992 Random House Webster's College Dictionary. I do not pick proper nouns or words that I know the meaning of.

For all winners, the Awards will continue to be found on my sidebar to pick up at your leisure.

Now don't forget to leave your comments for the new words!


Nancy said...

Hi - I'm following links all over Blogland this morning and found yours. This looks like fun, so I hope you don't mind if I jump in!

Jalousie: The emotion a Southern Belle feels (but never expresses) when her beau dances with that newcomer from up north.

Jape: A new contraction, from the words Jaw and Gape, meaning to yak while rudely staring at someone.

Linda said...

Jalousie - when the jalopy that you just bought turns out to be a lemon.

Jape - an ape indigenious to Tokyo.

Stephanie D. said...

Jalousie--it's an architectural term, but I forget what it means. I'm thinking it's a supporting beam of some sort.

Jape--is that a female jackass, um, donkey?

EDGE said...

Hope you had a great V-day my friend!

Jungle Mom said...

Jalousie;Its a type of jazz music, not the good stuff, the lousy stuff!

Jape:The dates between late January and early April..Jape!

Anonymous said...

Jalousie is jealousy experienced by any member of the Hominoidea superfamily of primates.

Jape is the individual jealous ape.