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Monday, April 21, 2008

Thesaurus Thursday Winners

First off, I want to thank all of my Thesaurus Thursday players. Each week you always make me laugh. I really needed it today. The fit hit the shan as I walked into work last night and it made for a very, very rough time. Then this morning I got reprimanded for venting my frustrations at the nurse's station....."where everyone can hear".....ah well, by the time I was done venting to the manager (in her office) I had over an hour overtime so I guess all was not lost...and I'd already put my resume back out on the street Saturday night anyway. So I'll hang tight till something better comes along. And thanks for the laughs folks, they are appreciated this morning!

Cookie..... said...
Stevedore- What you say to your empty handed friend Steve when your carrying a heavy load and you come to a door.

Sternformost- Something that happens to sailors after a long time at sea.

Humble wife said...
stertor- When Webster was compiling the dictionary, he was on a deadline, and of course, unlike today a mistake was almost a fatal error. But hey, if you are compiling the dictionary you can turn your mistake into a new word. So starter accidentally became stertor. And for the unrevealable error!

stevedore-Little known cousin of Al Gore...trying to make his way in the environment audience, by championing for fish-sticks. Like his cousin Al, the brain department is under he genuinely believes that there are fish shaped liked sticks in the ocean that are being threatened by man and his invasive lifestyle(just like Al claimed to have invented the internet...brains(less)

sternforemost-Clearly if one looks this up in the dictionary, you will see my Kindergarten teacher. She was stearn foremost!(for all you that wonder her name was Mrs. Bair and yes she was a BEAR)

OH this is me penofjen(formerly ma kettle)

Mammy T said...

Stertor - what the guy at the auto junk yard sells you when your car won't go.
"That thang jest needs a new stertor."

Sternforemost - how the Titanic went down, according to the movie.

Diane J said...
Stertor - What the guy on galley duty told the ship's cook:

Cookie, I done stertor for an hour but this batter just ain't mixin' right!

Stephanie said...
sternforemost--I think that's butt forward instead of bosom in the front right? Of COURSE I mean the boat!

Stevedore--dang, I've read the word, but don't remember what it means. It's a hat, I think, but it also might be a boat part.

Stertorous as it applies to breathing signifies the "death rattle", or brathing that is severely impaired, I think by a narrow opening. So stertor--a narrowing of pipes or something?

All shots in the dark today!

MammyT said...
I know stevedore. That is both the guy who does it and the process of - handling cargo on the dock, loading it on and off the ship.
Skippers' wives know these things.

Diane J. said...
Stevedore I know. It's a sailor who loads and unloads cargo from ships/boats.


STEVEDORE - 1) n a person or company engaged in the loading or unloading of ships. 2) vt - to load or unload the cargo of a ship. 3) vi - to load or unload a ship.

STERTOR - n an abnormal snoring sound accompanying breathing.

{I did say they reminded me of my favorite sailor.....}

STERNFOREMOST adv - 1) with the stern foremost 2. awkwardly; with difficulty.

{my definition would be ass-backwards!}

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