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Monday, April 7, 2008

Thesaurus Thursday Answers and Winners

OK People,

You DO realize that I am married to a SUBMARINE SAILOR right????!!!!????

For those who are in the dark, let me enlighten you.

1) Of all people in this country military men are the best known for being somewhat ~~uncouth~~ or ~~off color~~~

2) Of all military men, Sailors are known as being the most ~~uncouth~~ or ~~off color~~.....not usually able to get along in polite company.

3) Of all Sailors, Submarine Sailors are known as being incredibly foul mouthed, dirty-minded and just plain crazy. Not always able to get along in the company of other (surface) sailors cuz they're just too crude.

4) I'd apologize for this description, but I know that the Sub Sailors that read this are probably PROUD of what I've written about them.

So, what does it say about the poor princess married to a Sub Sailor?

Well, sometimes like runs to like................(or we'll blame him and say some of it has to rub off over time)


Now, I am AMAZED (...disappointed...) that I didn't get any more not-quite-polite definitions this week...I mean really oxpecker and oviparous are incredibly suggestive words!!

As for the actual definitions, they're quite lame. Yes, they are related in a way and there is a reason that Ma Kettle inspired them.

- Oviparous animals are animals that lay eggs, with little or no other embryonic development within the mother. This is the reproductive method of most fish, amphibians and reptiles, all birds, the monotremes, and most insects and arachnids.

oxpecker - The oxpecker consists of two species of bird which make up the family Buphagidae; some ornithologists regard them as a subfamily Buphaginae within the starling family Sturnidae but they appear to be quite distinct (see e.g. Zuccon et al. 2006). Oxpeckers are endemic to sub-Saharan African savannah.

Their plumage is light brown, and the species can be distinguished by bill-colour. They nest in holes, often in walls, lined with hair plucked from livestock and lay 2-3 eggs.

Oxpeckers are medium-sized starlings with strong feet. Their flight is strong and direct, and they are fairly gregarious. Their preferred habitat is open country, and they eat insects. Both the English and scientific names arise from their habit of perching on large mammals (both wild and domesticated) such as cattle or rhinoceroses, and eating ticks, botfly larvae, and other parasites which lodge in mammalian skin and must be dug out. This symbiotic relationship was once believed to be mutualistic.

Their favorite food, though, is blood, and while they may take on ticks bloated with blood, they also feed on it directly, pecking at the mammal's wounds to keep them open to more parasites and disease. Thus, what was once thought to be a symbiotic relationship, may at the same time, be a parasitic relationship.

Silly Goose Winners are:
Oviparous - Egg-shaped.
usage - Verleen was so oviparous she was scared to go to the Easter Egg hunt.

and one of those Sub Sailors who've won my heart....
oxpecker - A Woodpeckers near-sighted cousin...


Cookie..... said...

WOW...Three weeks in a row....I'm truly honored, and thanks missy fer all the nice things ya had to say about Sailors, and in particular "Bubbleheads"...

Pen of Jen said...

Cookie's was my choice too!

And yes I knew, but not because of my now lifestyle, but because of a science experiment I did years ago, on birds and chickens...

LOL on how weak we are as to not being sailors...maybe you aught to kick our behinds into gear!!!

Cookie..... said...

BTW Sarah...I also was wondering about the apparent lack of submissions fer "oxpecker", and I think you might just be correct....folks were afraid of possibly offending ya, or maybe me (Bwahahha).....

Glad you made it clear to all yur readers just what kind of crazy, hard drinkin and hard partyin, nut-bustin, profanity spewin word-smiths we Submariners are.....

After all...anyone who volunteerily sails around the worlds oceans underwater in a large tube that carries enuff nuclear weapons and nuclear power to annihilate most of mankind....can't be all there and certainly must be lacking many social skills because of the complete lack of contact with other human beings....

BumbleVee said... we might offend Cookie...hahahahhahah .. hey,,,I've been to his blog... no, but really.... just didn't get here last week... sorry, or I would have had a very large animal dong (whoops.. total Freudian slip there.. that would be "doing" all sorts of things... for oxpecker...