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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hey there all Military and Supporters!!

As a final note to the controversy over the flag that's been waging at AfricanKelli's blog I invite each of my readers to go and see what Stephanie has written about it.

Stephanie was the one who brought the bags made from the American Flag to my attention in the first place and I think her final words on the subject are perfect.


Heather K said...

I went over and read it....interesting....that's one thing I love about you are SO patriotic! I wish we Canadians were more that way.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the link, MightyMom. I don't know where my generation has failed in teaching these young people respect for those symbols of our freedom. Maybe it was the whole shameful anti-war, Vietnam, Woodstock era, where draft cards, bras and flags were burned with abandon, and amorality was embraced that influenced what we taught--or didn't teach--our children.

After all, we baby boomer/flower children grew up pledging allegiance in the schoolroom every single day, some of us the offspring of WWII vets, so it's not as if we can plead ignorance.

Somehow the flag has become insignificant to many young people. The fact that one commentor said she had found a lot to think about in the posts makes me think we have failed to convey to them what our parents and grandparents instilled in us.

But if we older Americans must learn to be more environmentally conscious as evidence of patriotism, (and I think that is reasonable and timely) the younger Americans must learn to understand the symbols and traditions represent our country.

Anyone else want this soapbox now? Not that I'm through with it, but here's your chance.

Stephanie said...

P.S. You only THOUGHT those were my final words on the subject.

Okay, okay, I'll get back down now.


Well, little buddy, I got a couple things to say. Kellie has been infected by AGSOGW! For those of you in Loma Linda, to quote a radio personality, that is the: Al Gore Syndrome on Global Warming. Alas there is a very small chance she may be cured, as the cure requires the infected person to, watch out now here is comes, THINK AND HAVE COMMON SENSE!

Stephaine, where we let this generation down was allowing the teachers into the class rooms quit teaching and substituting politics instead of Readin', Ritin', and 'Rithmatic. We know have a generation of young adults who don't respect their parents, teachers, the American Flag or most sadly, themselves.
I left a comment at Kellie's place and again stated I would buy the bags. Hmmm, no contact yet.

Makes me wonder.

Hi MM! Trip piks were awesome!

Stephanie said...

New, gratifying development in the flag controversy--see today's blog entry on my site: