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"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Answers and Winners

Oh my goodness!!! Y'all just cracked me up this week!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to thank each of you for my 15 comments! That just made me feel sooo good!

Be thinking of us next week as I start my new job tomorow at 6:30AM. I'll do a solid week of days then will move to my regular night position. Subvet is officially retired and is the BEST SUPERDAD EVER!

OK, real definitions are as follows.

crapulous adj. 1. characterized by gross excess in drinking or eating. 2. suffering from such excess.

lupanar n a brothel; whorehouse.

bumblevee wins the Smarty Pants Award for:
lupanar ...I know this one... it is a brothel.

and, in an unprecedented move.....
for the Silly Goose definition of crapulous!!

pinky said
Crapular: This is the new drug coming out next year to remedy severe constipation. Do you suffer from that "blocked up" feeling? Try crapular, just stay at home for the following three days. (You can imagine the list of side-effects!)


lori stilger said
Crapulous: noun, the debris in any and every "man-cave", or adjective, to describe the stories that come out of your husband's mouth when company is around.
ie: "I just swept 20 pounds of crapulous out from under your den sofa, dear."
The story was obviously crapulous to the women in the group, but the men seemed to get a kick out of it.
too funny ladies!

go to the Thesaurus Thursday post and pick up your awards!

Thanks everyone for a great week!!


Stephanie said...

Okay, let's see: 6:30 am Central time = 7:30 am Eastern time.

Maybe I'll think about you at 7:30 central time instead.

In the words of Astro (the Jetsons' dog): Rots o' Ruck!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you'd like that definition!!
Get lots 'o rest, my friend. Call me when you get home and rested.
Have fun and don't stress.
OK, no more unsolicited advice. :)

MammyT said...

Congratulations to Pinky and Lori. I'll try to give you a run for your money next week! I LOVE this game!
Mom, my prayers are with you. You are on my list. Praying Psalm 20:1-5 for all on the list this month. I'm also praying for the adustment for SV and the babes.

Lori Stilger said...

Wow, I won! I never expected THAT! LOL!!!! I mean, I KNEW that most women would SO understand my definitions.... :D
Thanks so much! Praying for the kids, that they're feeling better!