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Friday, October 19, 2007

show and tell

Kelli is hosting show and tell Friday again

So, here's mine...

This is the mounted holster that we got from our friends at Grassburr Leather Works.

Ignore the big nail below the holster as it was there before we moved into this house and does nothing but get in the way. Either that or it is the linchpin that keeps the whole house upright...we're not sure which.

Now, this holster is all leather, lined and hand made, the hardware is all brass with a stainless steel mounting bolt. I chose "saddle tan" but you can also get them in mahogany or black. There are also less expensive nylon holsters available with the same mounting ability.

To make the leather holsters the folks at Grassburr have manufacturers' model handguns in almost every make and model available. These models are exact to an actual firearm, just with a solid barrel (as opposed to hollow). This will ensure that the holster will fit your firearm

These photos show what you will receive when you order your holster. a) the holster b) the stainless steel mounting bolt c) the mounting bracket, these brackets come in either top mount or side mount (side mount is shown).

The holster is mounted by attaching the mounting bracket to any hard surface with 4 screws, then the mounting bolt is screwed through the bracket at the top of the holster and into the bracket that has been mounted.

Now the really cool part about this bracket is that it and the holster's bracket are grooved (which you can't see in my terrible pictures today) and once the bracket is mounted you can attach the holster in any position securely.

You can order extra mounting brackets for $15 a piece and all hardware is interchangeable. This means that I have one bracket mounted in my closet as shown...another in my car. All I have to do is unscrew the bolt from one place and move the holster to another. My gun is always secure and always readily available.

It also means that if you are more of an enthusiast than I am and have more than one handgun you can use any holster with any bracket...feel like carrying the tan holster in the car today, but want to switch to the black one this evening to go with your shoes?? Go right ahead. Want to take your Smith & Wesson on a trip rather than the Beretta that you usually keep in the car....done deal.

I'm telling you that with three small children in the house and a hubby who works nights safety is a primary concern for us. Not only safety from strangers but also keeping the gun safe from the kids. You gun owners out there can probably identify with the "safety versus availability" issue. This was our solution. The gun is mounted well out of their reach, yet still in mine. By the way...if you're wondering why the gun in my closet points virtually at the ground requiring lifting it straight UP to get it out of the holster, this is the answer. It takes more strength and coordination to lift the gun straight up and none of our children are able to do that yet. They also know a big time whompping on their "bare hiney" is in store if they ever touch "mama's holster". (Yes, this .38 is mine, one day we will be able to afford the .45 that Daddy wants, and another Grassburr holster to mount it.)

Now, when you go and peruse their website (as I know you will) be sure and check out their ATV mounting brackets as well as read the write up on how much safer it is to mount your handgun in your car rather than sticking it someplace like in your console...under your seat...or in the glove compartment. Frankly, they explain these things far better than I could!

Thank you for letting me share my new holster. I'm very excited to have it!


Linda said...

Uhm ... remind me to never tick you off! Very nice holster, though!

Diane J. said...

My poor unfashionable shotgun. It's just leaning in the corner of the closet by the front door. It's probably jealous of your little friend's holster. ;D

Anonymous said...

Say hello to my little friend!

I never knew!


Glenn Bartley said...

It looks to me like a good choice for keeping a handgun at the ready in the home, and out of reach of small children at the same time. Heck I usually don't keep one loaded at the ready in my home, but do have one close by and ready to be loaded if need be. Now though, I may reconsider and get one of these. I do not have small kids any longer, but I still keep the pistol in the night stand unloaded because I would hate to wake up in the middle of the night and grab for something or other in the drawer and have the pistol go bang. This holster kind of takes that accidental bang out of the equation.

As your kids get older, you may want to consider a small handgun safe with quick release combination lock. The door is is either opened by gravity or a spring once you hit the combo.

All the best,
Glenn B

PEA said...

Here in Canada it's illegal to have any kind of gun that's not locked up in a steel cabinet. Can you imagine telling a robber...hold on and let me go unlock my gun out of the case in the basement?? lol

MightyMom said...

glen, we are looking into getting one of those fingerprint open safes eventually...but they are very expensive so for now, here we are! on their website there are pics of mounting to the side of a headboard so you have it at hand, out of site and no accidental bangs.......

jennifer said...

oh I love this show and tell. Especially now after I posted about the fox story.

Way important that you continue going to the range, maintain your skill and perfect it. This is a very important Constitutional right!

You go Pardner!

diana said...

this is what i love about the blogging world. we all are different, our lives are different, our show & tells are different. where else could you see a crystal cake plate being shared on one blog and the next, a gun holster =] thanks for sharing today.

btw, i'm pretty sure the slippers came from kohl's.

Quinne said...

Such an interesting post! There is so much that I do not know, and it's always a joy to learn more :) Thanks so much for sharing about your holster and keeping guns. Blessings! Q

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Very interesting! I ditto Diana and Quinne's comments above!