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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

Yipppeeee for lots of comments this week!! Competition was fierce and picking winners was very very hard!!


ankylose - to unite, as the bones of a joint (Congrats Smarty Pants Jen!)

anhinga - any of various tropical and subtropical freshwater web-footed diving birds of the family Anhingidae. Also called snakebird, water turkey. (Congrats Smarty Pants Linda and Diane!)

Silly Goose Winners this week are:
Evansmom said...
anhinga - a medical condition of very loud uncontrollable sneezes.

nancy said...

An ankylose is a big green thing that lands in you lap when you don't get your 'anky up in the nick of time.

Ladies, you can pick up your award from my sidebar.

Now, you can leave comments with silly definitions (or the real ones if you're a Smarty Pants) for these words anytime between NOW and next Thursday afternoon!:




Mary said...


Congratulations to the winners. Now for this week:

bedlight-a metal light that is oval in shape and has little arms to fit over the head of the bed. (I had one of these when I was a kid. Doubt they make them anymore.)

bedizen-The little dust mites that live in your bed.

Have a great weekend, Sarah.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Well, this is a CHALLENGE!

Bedizen: a form of Zen Buddhism in which one meditates horizontally on a special couch.

Bedight: a special spade used to prepare soil for sodding grass.

Congratulation to all.


Linda said...

Ah, it's such fun to be a Smarty Pants but more fun to be a Silly Goose!

Bedizen - a person who is bed-confined and entitled to vote and enjoy other privileges there in the realm of the mattress.

Bedight - The height of a person's bed, particularly useless for those who have those really, really high beds that you need a stool for.

Evansmom said...

bedizen - what the "spinning" is called when you are suffering a vertigo attack.

bedight - in colonial times, they didn't use box springs - they used ropes that had to be tightened every week or so. These ropes were call bedights.

Thanks for picking me a silly goose! How fun!

Lori in South Dakota said...

bedight--to walk on foot as in medieval era

bedizen--a dizzy bee

MightyMom said...

Mary Ellen said...
bedight: the opposite of bedark

bedizen: A Buddhist bed

nancy said...

Prounounciation: bed' i zun.
A bedizen, like its related word "denizen" (used to describe a creature which lies hidden in a dark place) is the term used for the monster under the bed that we all know and love. How many times have I leapt from the scatter rug to my bed in hopes that the bedizen would not be quick enough to grab me by the foot and carry me off to that dark place where he lives.
Thanks for the Silly Goose award last week, MM. I've posted an answer to your question over at Wings of the Morning.