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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday

I'm sooo excited about my NEW PROJECT!!

I have finally started work on my Mommy Quilt!! This quilt will be made from blocks with each child's newborn footprints with name and birthdate PLUS leftover blocks from each of their quilts (Sonshine's, Gator's and Sugars') PLUS borders and blocks made from the curtains and cribskirt of the nursery PLUS the 9 patch bumper pad cover I made. This, friends is a memory quilt. I have FINALLY decided on a layout for the quilt that I'm happy with, I have washed all the fabric, I've traced out 2 of the footprint blocks for embroidering, and de-covered the bumper pad and 3 pillows so that the covers can be used in the quilt. Folks this is gonna be one AWESOME quilt! I've decided to back it in flannel for extra snuggliness. :-)

As for Thesaurus Thursday.......

A special thanks to each of you who responded to my DESPERATE PLEA for participation this week! Y'all came up with some GREAT DEFINITIONS! What I feared would be a gimme has turned into some fierce competition! yippee!!! I'm hoping you had fun so that you'll play again with next week's words!


adytum (ad' i tem) - 1) (in an ancient temple) a sacred inner place that the public was forbidden to enter; inner shrine 2) the most sacred or reserved part of any place of worship.

afflatus (e flay' tes)- inspiration, esp. as a result of divine communication

No Smarty Pants Winners this week! (this means we all learned 2 new words, yeah!)

Silly Goose Winners this week are both new to Thesaurus Thursday:

Mary said...
Adytum - Since you shorted me a few dollars on my pay last week, adytum to this week's check.

Mary is a Facebook Farmville Friend of mine that I met throught Diane. She's a published writer who is currently holding a giveaway for the new Chicken Soup for the Soul book, which she has a story in! (but don't enter....I wanna win!) Welcome Mary!

GrandmaK said...
Afflatus: A condition known in medical circles as: the patient is full of hot air.

GrandmaK is another nurse who found me through Lisa (she of cat clock fame!) Welcome GrandmaK!

Ladies, you can pick up your award from my sidebar.

Now, you have a week to come up with some silly definitions (or the real ones if you're a Smarty Pants) for:




Lori in South Dakota said...

anhinga--"dat aunt inga, she's a bit silly"--Ole and Sven's aunt

ankylose---interior cell wall of the yucca plant

Evansmom said...

ankylose - the top of your socks when they are all stretched out. "Oh darn it, I need new socks. These are all ankylosed!"

anhinga - a medical condition of very loud uncontrollable sneezes.

The quilt idea is wonderful!

Mary said...
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Mary said...

Sarah, How wonderful that I won the award. I really never expected to. Thank you so much.

Now for this week's words:

anhinga: A device similar to a hinge, as in an hinga.

ankylose: When you hanky falls away from your sleeve, it is an ankylose.

As for your quilt, it sounds wonderful. I hope you will post photos when you have finished it.


Mary said...

PS. Thanks for advertising my giveaway. I will add your name twice to the draw.

Love the Silly Goose Award. Will display it proudly in my sidebar.

Mary Ellen said...

I just found my way here from Adrienne's blog. I love the idea of the Thesaurus Thursday game! I promise to try to get over here next Thursday to play...but don't be upset if I forget, I'm old. ;-)

I'm also going to put you on my blogroll...I always make it a point to visit and comment on the blogs on my blogroll at least once a day.

Nice "meeting" you (you're kids are beautiful!) :-)

Stephanie D said...

Congrats on coming up with a layout for your mommy quilt! Can't wait to see it!

Linda said...

anhinga - a genus of long-necked birds - believe it or not!

ankylose - Medical term used to describe the human condition wherein you lose your ankles when your calfs becoming overly large resulting in "cankles".

Whew! These get tougher and tougher every week, could you maybe turn the page and get out of the A's for awhile, m'dear??

Also, thank you so very much for the lovely package I received in the mail - such lovely Christmas goodies from such a lovely family!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I know that an anhinga is a bird, and I know the real meaning of ankylose, but it escapes me right now, so I'll go for funny.

Ankylose - Not short hose or long hose, but ankylose.

PS: the word verification for this comment is "flutts" that would be an interesting word to come up with meanings for. ;-/

Adrienne said...

I couldn't play because our internet (Verizon) was down again. That's THREE times this week we've had long term outages. Had a long one last week, too...

Anonymous said...

ankylose: in which joints such as those found in the spine stiffen up and eventually fuse. i.e. ankylosing spondylitis

ahninga: I got nothin'

nancy said...

An ankylose is a big green thing that lands in you lap when you don't get your 'anky up in the nick of time.

Anhinga is a small island off the coast of Norway which consists mainly of a pair of large, rounded hills. Discovered by Sven Haakinsen, early in the 18th century, the island name is a derivative of his cry at the sighting of land: "...(expletive deleted) It looks just like Aunt Inga!"

There! I've finally gotten some answers. All true.

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Here goes...

anhinga: a term in psychiatry for someone who is slightly "unhinged." eg. Cathy was diagnosed with anhinga because she was found not to be bipolar or have multiple personalities. She was tested and found to have NO personality.

ankylose: The lost handkerchief.

This again was challenging1!! Very GOOD!!! Cathy

Rita Loca said...

Ankylose- This is a term of used in weight loss in the metric system. An kilos (ankylose) comes from anti kilos meaning the original weight before the loss.

Anhinga, Much like agina, where there is not enough blood flow to the heart, anhinga is what happens when your brain lacks blood flow. You become 'unhinged'.