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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Thesaurus Thursday Game

I apologize for this being a day late. I was unexpectedly asked to work last night so I wasn't able to get this up on Thursday....

For next week, work on these:



Last Week's Definitions:
lodestar - n 1) a star that shows the way 2) Polaris 3) something that attracts strongly (Congrats Smarty Pants Diane)

logaoedic - adj 1) (of verse) composed of dactyls and trochees or af anapests and iambs, producing a movement somewhat suggestive of prose 2) n a logaoedic verse
according to my A Handbook to Literature: The term also designates any mixed rhythm.

Silly Geese Winners this week are:
Jungle Mom said...
lodestar; The strong guy that loads the UPS truck????

Diane@Diane's Place said...
Logaoedic - An Italian epic opera, all yodeled.

For any newcomers to Thesaurus Thursday, the "rules" can be found by using the link on the sidebar right below that slllllooooowwwww turtle.

For all winners, the Awards can be found just below the "rules" on the sidebar to pick up at your leisure.


Stephanie D said...

Okay, now I need a dictionary to understand the definition of word #2.

Rita Loca said...

fanfaronade, The beverage served at Obama events.

Stephanie D said...

Farrago--the distance from here to there, as in "Do you know how farrago to get to the county line?"

nancy said...

Deductive reasoning would say that, since a cannonade is an assault with cannon, a "fanfaronade" would be an assault with trumpets.

Farrago is a movie by the Coen Brothers. "Ya think?"

Yayyy. My brain woke up!

Cookie..... said...

"Farrago". The abreviated word used by rednecks to immitate the opening sequence to Star Wars. "In a galaxy a long long farrago...."

"Fanfaronade". That lemonade that you spill on yurself when you are clapping during the fanfare for an Obama rally...