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"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Confessions of a Bag Lady

I admit it, I'm a Bag Lady.

Really, I am.

Here, let me prove it to you.

Here we have "Mightymom's corner" in our living room.

See the bags??

I count 8. Can you find all 8??

Just wait and you'll see.

Let's start with Mightymom's purse (Bag #1)

Inside we find.....

Bag #2 which holds thread and crochet hook and crucifixes for making rosaries...really ought to finish that one and give it to the church.......

There can also be found in my purse quite a variety of stuffed toys, cars and pacifiers, a puzzle and last week's church bulletin, a tape measure, a small calculator and a set of keys. There's a wallet in there to, safely zipped into a pocket on the outside back....out of the way of little hands that frequently dig through my purse half way through mass. (Don't know why they insist on doing THAT!)

Shall we move on to Bag #3?????
This is Mightymom's "Flag Bag" which goes everywhere with me (except church). And I do mean everywhere. It's my "don't leave home without it" bag.

Shall we look inside??

Hhhhmmmm, I see sunglasses and contact case...(there's supposed to be a small bottle of contact solution in here, wonder where that went?), Bag #4 filled with Kleenex, the current book (I'm in Treasure Island), 2 folders and assorted papers from work, this blasted cross stitch I've been working on forever, along with it's instructions and Bag #5 which contains the cross stitch thread and my small craft scissors in their holder. Yes, Bootsie, I'm letting the cat out of the bag here.

OK, everything back into my Flag Bag and let's move up and around the corner a bit here......


Aaaahhh, here we find Sugars' unfinished baby quilt (really ought to get that finished) and 2 more bags.

Inside Bag #6 is all the fabric needed to finish Sugars' quilt right here waiting to be worked on.

and Bag #7.....

oooooo supplies and finished Christmas gifts...better not let you look too closely at that one just yet.

So, I said 8 bags right?? We're missing one.....

Can you find it???

OH, there you are!!

Why were you hiding?????


TOP SECRET Christmas gift making in progress here!!!

And there you have my 8 bags currently residing in the living room.

There are many more in the closet of Sugars' room, let's take a quick peek.....

By the by, I've found that the best way to store bags (both empty and full) is to hang them in the closet this way, keeps them closed, out of the way and easily accessible.

So, are you a Bag Lady too????

Come on now,

Fess uP!


ABNPOPPA said...

You win!!! You are a BAG LADY!!!

EDGE said...

I have plenty of plastic bags for ya in my kitchen!

MightyMom said...

Pops, I told you so!

edge, bring em on over! I'll put em to good use!!

Texasholly said...

I do the bag thing, but I think you win this one...

The hanging bags put you over the top.

ellen b. said...

Ok the hanging those darn plastic bags idea is great! Sheesh you are a bag lady! :0)

Killlashandra said...

I can't blame you for liking bags, I do too. I seem to collect them from people at work who bring them back from conferences, freebies from stores, anything to put something else in is a good thing.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on your post. :)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Wow. NOW THAT IS A LOT OF BAGS. That is funny to see. Sorry I am laughing at you.

Thanks SO MUCH for the information on silent reflux. Everything that happened to Hannah that night sounds exactly like it. (I am a google nut.) I will forward this information on to my sister. We are praying for all good results from the pediatric cardiologist today.


Stephanie D said...

Okay, I'll take the challenge! Betcha I've got as many as you do!

Where's that camera.....

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I've got as many or more bags than you do, especially if I open closets (WHICH I'M NOT, BY THE WAY!).

I need to do some serious cleaning, tossing and decluttering, which I intend to work on soon.

Carole Burant said...

Omigosh! I'm a bag lady too and didn't even know it until you made me look around me and I saw the bags I have all over the place! lol One bag contains all my beach stuff...another bag contains magazines I need to bring to my mom's...the other one contains brochures of places I've visited and want to visit...another one contains paper coin rolls...then there's my purse...YUP I'm a bag lady too! hehe xoxo

Susan said...

Maybe one of two!!! Cute post.

Linda said...

I admit to having one too many bags lying around the house but you are truly the Queen of the Bag Ladies and a bow in your general direction!

Stephanie D said...

Okay, post is up! Come view my bags!

... said...

By the by, I've found that the best way to store bags (both empty and full) is to hang them in the closet this way, keeps them closed, out of the way and easily accessible.

you're assuming that i have room in any of my closets to store bags like this. i don't =)

no, i'm realy not a bag lady. but i don't have the craft projects going on like you do.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bag lady, too!
I even hang mine like you do!

Mantha said...

we need to open a blog.....bag ladies r us....we could blog about our weirdest, biggest, stinkiest, cleanest, coolest, biggest, smallest bags. i could go on and on about the bag topics, but, i think you get the idea. :-)

i am morphing into a reusable bag lady. i have been purchasing the reusable bags at all the grocery stores (wal mart, whole foods, sprouts, target, ton thumb, albertsons)and i use them when i remember to bring them in the store with me, but, see, that's the kicker, remembering to bring them in the store with me.

oh well, say a little bag lady prayer that i bring them in the stores with me so i can save a plastic tree or something. :-)

nancy said...

Are you kidding? I wrote the book! I'd have a hard time counting my bags and an even harder time trying to figure out just why certain things are bagged together. One day I will dump them. What wonderful surprises for all!
Thanks for the heads-up on the TROLL. I won't take it personally, then.