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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

things that help.

well, it usually helps if you type in your password before you hit enter!

I can not tell you how many times I have typed in my username in various places then just hit enter. GEE!

I thank you all for your responses to my worker safety post. I caught the head of the facility/security Mon morning after my shift and had a heart to heart with him. I told him in no uncertain terms that if my hubby didn't feel I was safe he was gonna make me quit.

He said that once JCoH comes by and gives the hospital the official accredidation and Medicare # then he would be hiring a security guard to be there probably from 3-11pm. Then the facility would be locked down, no one in, period. I asked him about the family member. He said there was a policy written by "nursing" (my Director and a corporate RN) that visiting hours end at 8pm and if anyone calls wanting us to answer the door we were perfectly right to tell them we couldn't as visiting hours were over, per hospital policy. :-) So no more of that nonsense while I'm on duty!! About the nurse call alarm he said that all our outside doors now have audible/visual alarms and if any of them was to go off then I should call 911, but he would "prefer" I check out a nurse call light before calling as it was just faulty wiring....but he also understood that I had no way of knowing there was faulty wiring in the system before the light went off and he said his priority was keeping staff and patients safe so to do as I saw fit...

He agreed with me that we no longer live in a safe world and we must be pro- rather than re- active. I actually think that the world was never safe and we've just lost the fantasy..but that's just me.

To Glenn's comment. It's a private hospital, and I really have no desire to go to work armed. But it does get people's attention about how strongly I feel about my safety to start such a discussion. So far as barricading myself in a place with a weapon. Well, we have several rooms that you have to know a combination code to enter, the med room being one. And in the med room we have these lovely little things called syringes with needles. All sizes. Should someone get close enough to me I could kill them quickly and easily with an empty syringe. (air embolism) So I'm not too worried about self protection on the floor. Actually, when the other nurse and I went downstairs to check out that call light I took a big old syringe and my ball-point pen with me. I still remember waaaaaaaaay back to my self-defense class in college of all the useful things you can do with a ball-point.

Onto gardening, I water the bed everytime there's a freeze warning and they're fine. I haven't yet lost them to frost. Funny thing happened last year though. Remember all the rain we had?? Well the day after my hyacinths bloomed we had this big windstorm that blew off all the blooms :( then it rained forever. The stalk and leaves kept on growing...and growing. I wish I'd taken a picture. I kid you not, by the time I cut the things back the stalk was 2.5 feet long and the leaves 2 feet. This for a bulb that's only supposed to be about 6-8inches tall. I don't know if that'll do em in or not, I'm waiting to see if they come back. The tulip leaves got enormous too. It was really weird!! If I'd been blogging back then it would have been a post to remember!


... said...

glad you're feeling better about the safety issues.

Stephanie D said...

Good to hear about the heart-to-heart, but why wait until after JACoH to get a security guard?