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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hard Sells tick me off!!

So today we went for church directory pictures.....

I decided late last week that since this will be our first ever FAMILY PHOTO I would go ahead and get the boys dressy Easter outfits and get sister a new Easter dress (as she'll be too BIG for hers by Easter) and have our pic taken all dressed up.

Well that was my first problem.

Apparently, neither Walmart, nor Carter's, nor Oshkosh, nor Nautica, nor any other place I could get to quickly and easily sells DRESS CLOTHES FOR BOYS!!!

Subvet says "Why can't we just get a white dress shirt for each of them and slacks at Walmart and call it good?"


Now, this is nothing new, I've been griping about it ever since Sonshine was born over 4 years ago...just was particularly irksome as I went "all over hell's half acre" looking for dress clothes last night. (remember I live in the country and to go to Walmart is a 20 min drive one was about 35 min to the other stores). I settled for matching polo shirts and khaki jeans that I ironed a crease in :-).

Well, we get there and (of course) trying to get 3 children (developmentally delayed) between 1 and 4 years of age to all sit still on that little table in a posed position and all look at the camera....and actually SMILE was an absolute circus. But we expected that. What I didn't expect was the hard sell I would get once our pics were ready to view.

OK, Olan Mills take note. I do NOT want some faked oil painting that will gather dust forever. I do NOT want an envelope full of 576 photos that will sit in a drawer gathering dust forever. And most importantly I DO NOT WANT MY FAMILY PHOTOS AIRBRUSHED!

I kid you not. I had to tell her 5 times NOT to "retouch" my pics. Yes, I know we have wrinkles, I happen to love every last one! I want a honest depiction of what we look like now to compare later in life...not some faked up celebrity ad. Whatever happened to just taking a picture...getting enough to send to the family and being done with it?

Next time, we go to Walmart! (although they have their own let me give you a pic that will cover the entire wall in your living room package issues too)

Well, afterward Subvet felt sorry for me and we went out as a (dressed up) family to dinner. Was our first time trying to take the hooligans out in public to eat and I have to say THEY DID WONDERFULLY!!! No fussing, no whining, no crying, no throwing food, no spills....we didn't even leave a mess on the floor! Simple miracles make me smile.

Now if I can just get over rocking out to Guns N Roses the other night...only to discover I was listening to a CLASSIC ROCK station!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sigh, bring on those wrinkledy pictures...I've earned them!


... said...

can't wait to see the picture(s)... because you will be posting it - right? we all want to see the wrinkles.. ur, i mean, the smiles :D

mommyof7 (2inheaven) said...

I totally understand about the boy clothes and pictures. We live in the country too. I have 4 boys and 1 girl. My first 3 are boys then a girl then another boy. I hate how where ever I go I can't find anything nice that doesn't look sissy or too exspensive. And everything is for the girls.
We go to JC Penny's for our pictures. I have to tell them just get to where I can look at them seperatly. Because I don't buy packages and I don't buy the pictures with all the backgrounds and fancy things they do. I just want the pictures I want and that is it. Don't try to sell me things I don't want or need. We have done a family picture for the last 2 years with our Twin group. They do a fundraiser 2 times a year. We only do it one time a year. They have a photographer lady come (she is really good) and takes whatever pictures you want outdoors. They have turned out really good. The family pictures on my blog the top and bottom ones are the ones she did this last Nov. For the fundraiser she only chargers $35 for a 20 minute session. And about 3 weeks later you get a CD with all the pictures she took to do whatever you want with them. Her husband helps her. They do a really good job!
But I totally agree with you. Getting kids to listen exspecailly with special needs is tough. My first 4 have a speech delay. My boys are getting better. My daughter is going great for 2. And the baby was only like 2 months when we got the pictures taken. What fun....

Anonymous said...

Sam and I went last night for pics also. (yes he did go) I'll give you one of mine if I can have one of ours. They got mad at me cause I only bought what I need/wanted.

nancy said...

I want to see the wrinkles too! Does Sears have boys' dress clothes now? It's hard to find ANY dress clothes for kids. Even the girls' clothes are too 'trendy' to be considered dressy most of the time. I'm thinking 'classic'. If there be such a thing any more.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Why do they offer to airbrush kids photos? How dumb is that? I refuse, too. Of course. Olan Mills is too expensive and pretensious.
You go girl. Go to walmart!
Glad dinner went well. You deserve it.

BumbleVee said...

Maybe the kids are like me.... when I have to get dressed up to go somewhere special... ..I always say I am going to get "all purtied up and pretend I am "somebody"... they did too. Good for them.