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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Thursday, June 28, 2007


AH, I spent a goodly portion of today cooking. I haven't done that in awhile. I've visited some wonderful blogs that share recipes. I thought about doing the same, but I have a problem. I don't usually use a recipe. For example, when my aunt taught me to make sausage gravy, it went like this. First you cook your sausage however you like. Then you turn down the fire a bit and add some flour to the grease in the skillet. Enough to soak up the grease..however much that is. Then you cook it, making sure you don't have the fire up too high, stirring it constantly until you almost, but not quite burn it. (This is called making a Roux - pronounced rue) Once the Roux is ready you add some milk. Then you cook it down till it looks right. You can add as much salt and pepper as you want.

Now, if you're from the South, this makes perfect sense. If not, just come by and I'll make y'all some gravy and yummy biscuits to pour it over!!


Carole Burant said...

Hi MightyMom:-) Thank you so much for coming by to visit me and leaving a comment so that I could come and visit you too!! I'm glad the cooler weather I sent down to you is helping! lol Do you know, I had never had Biscuits and Gravy until I was in Niagara Falls, NY a couple of years ago and went to Bob Evans for breakfast...been addicted to their biscuits and gravy ever since! Now every time I cross the border I find a Bob Evans! hehe The Roux you make is the same way my mom always makes her gravy for the Ragout she makes every Christmas...Ragout consists of meatballs and pork hocks in gravy:-) xox

MightyMom said...
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MightyMom said...

It sounds a little weird to have biscuits n gravy in New York. My NY hubby'd never heard of them till he was stationed in South Carolina. Is Bob Evans a restaruant? I've not heard of it. Your mom's Ragout sounds yummy!

And thanks for coming by!! I've added you to my bolgroll so I can visit your flowers often.

Pen of Jen said...

I am cracking up! This is exactly how I cook.

You are so funny!

If you ever want to hear more about my premie miracle, feel free to email me!

My miracle baby has her own blog at

Take care

Susan said...

Oh yeah!!

Anonymous said...

I've made biscuits and gravy from scratch since I was 12. Couldn't make a box cake until I was 16 and I messed it up!! If you ask my kids what thier favorite food is, they'll say momma's b&g. Think I'll make some this weekendsounds good.

MightyMom said...

Jen, all 3 of mine were preemie, Alligator being earliest at 35 weeks. They're all healthy, strong (and strong willed) now. I'll stop by crazycritters and check her out.

Anonymous, biscuits and gravy (and the smell of them cooking) is one of my most prised memories of my Grandma Lillie. Ummm, miss that woman.

Cookie..... said...

That be exactly how I make it amiga...exactly. you stated...serve over home-made biscuits. The wife loves it....

T'aint exactly great fer the cholesterol but what the hell...enjoy.....good post.

MightyMom said...

are you sure you're a yankee??

I'm thinking that you mustof been moved north shortly after birth...or something.

And what's cholesterol?? I've blocked that word from my memory.