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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Subvet tagged me for the 7 things about me meme.
I changed it up a bit and now I give you
da da da duuuun:

7 things that drive me crazy at work

1) when I walk up to you and say "I'm going to listen to your lungs" then proceed to place my stethoscope in my ears and on your chest. PLEASE BREATHE. deeply if possible. I cannot tell what your lungs sound like when you are holding your breath.

2) when you hit the call light and the voice comes in the room saying "can I help you?" TELL THEM WHAT YOU NEED. If you need pain meds then say so, if you want food or drink say what you'd like. The reason that speaker was invented is to save the nurse the time and trouble of going to your room, finding out you want a sandwhich, going to get your sandwich and then returning to your room with it. Consider this your very own personal drive through. Do you go up to the speaker at McDonald's and say "I'd like something to eat please." ?????

3) if you tell me you're hurting, and I offer you pain meds that you then refuse, you are not allowed to whine about being in pain. BE QUIET OR TAKE YOUR MEDS.

4) I realize that it gets lonely and boring sitting in a hospital room, but please remember. I am a nurse...not your new best friend...I have 5 other patients to see before midnight, meds to pass out and butts to wipe. If you just need to talk, PLEASE CALL SOMEONE

5) For goodness' sake, DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR TAKING A DUMP. wiping your butt is part of the job and we have the best air freshener known to mankind. I'm just glad that your intestines are working properly.

6) I cannot read minds. Please do not lay there hurting quietly all night just to tell me at 4AM "I've haven't slept a wink" If pain is keeping you awake TELL ME! Doctors are paid a LOT of money just so that I can call them in the middle of the night and get you medicine.

7) If I have just given you medicine to help with the nausea and vomiting that you've been complaining about, DO NOT ASK ME FOR CHOCOLATE PUDDING. The answer will be no, hunger and nausea do not happen at the same time.

Now, please be nice to your nurses and remember these the next time you go into the hospital.

We all will thank you.


Diane@Diane's Place said... wouldn't be good to ask you for a laxative and some loperamide at the same time, because I know once the laxative takes effect that I'll need something to stop the diarrhea, then I'll need a laxative again........LOL! ;o)

Hope you have a good weekend, S.

Love and hugs,


MightyMom said...

nope, Immodium and Dulcolax do NOT go together!! ;-)

ABNPOPPA said...


LOL. Espcially 2,3, & 5. Although in defense of the patient. Don't come in and wake me up to take my BP. If I am breathing I GOT BP. I really don't care what the numbers are I just need the sleep! I can get away with this comment 'cause I been sleeping with a nurse!!!

For 31 years!


ellen b. said...

Yep I'm with pops here! :0)
Generally I'm quite a nice patient...

Linda said...

Perhaps you should have this meme printed out and passed out as part of the admittance paperwork or - better yet - post a copy of it on the wall of every patient's room within reading site!

Sarah (JOT) said...

This was good to know. I've been in hospital enough to know these things, but most of it's bloody common sense - you would think! OH, yeah, what century am I in???

Now pass me some toilet paper! :-)

Susan said...

I hear your flustration and your caring.

Stephanie D. said...

Add to this: If I am there at 3am to take your blood pressure, please remember that it was YOUR DOCTOR who ordered Vital Signs every 4 hours! And YOUR DOCTOR who ordered the labwork, not the lab technician and not me. And YOUR DOCTOR who ordered daily weights before breakfast.

Thank you.

Lisa said...

I bet nurses everywhere would love to see this posted prominently!

But, I agree with Abnpoppa, that us patients out here do have a list of gripes, too... We LOVE our nurses (we really do ~ Love you guys better than the docs any day!), but seriously ~ if you want us to be well, don't come in every hour of the night and wake us up. Some nurses are so sweet and quiet, but some seem like their mission is to wake us up. (But I know you're not one of those!)

Lisa said...

Oh! Oh, yeah... I forgot I popped over here for for a specific reason! Here are your five interview questions, as requested:

1. Who is the saint that you think is the best model for your temperament and station in life?

2. What are three adjectives you would be most pleased to hear used to describe you?

3. What is the hardest day you ever lived through?

4. Describe your "signature" outfit.

5. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be and who would you like to find waiting for you there?

nancy said...

Good post! If I worked, I'd play too.

Lori in South Dakota said...

have to send these to DD, she's a nurse and these will all be familiar to her!

Pam said...

This made me chuckle! My dad just went through another sugery a week ago. His nurses ALL tell him they wish more patients were like him! I think the two of you would get along nicely! loved your sense of humor here too. God bless you! I think it's neat when the nurses do a "happy dance" or at least show some sort of interest in their patient.

Mrs4444 said...

Great post! You have an important job; thanks for sharing your heart. :)