My Husband "Subvet" says that when our first son "Sonshine" was born the sun rose on our world, when our second son "Gator" was born the sun laughed and when our daughter "Sugars" was born all the flowers bloomed. That says it all.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Monday, January 26, 2009

Clutter Meme

Pam has started this Clutter Meme and I agreed to join in!

For starters, this is our family organization. Each person is color coded, this is how we know what to do each day. January wasn't too busy actually, wish I'd had a pic of December!

Next up, as requested is our computer desk. On top of the printer is a collection of papers that is too important to throw away, but not important enough to file. On the shelf under the desk is all that usual computer related stuff that is needed on occasion. I could make it look neater, I suppose, but everything that's there belongs there.

This is my sewing area. In the chair resides my purse, by flag bag and my lunch bag, along with my coat. In otherwords, everything I take to work with me. On the sewing machine we have a plastic bag with the 3 Christmas gifts I still need to hand out, Sugars' quilt and material to finish it, and a cloth book in need of repair. When I have more projects in the "being worked on" stage this gets messier. I should say that before New Year's all those books on that little shelf were piled on the lamptable or next to the computer. On New Year's I cleaned off that shelf to have a handy place for these books that we read regularly. Also in that shelf is a bag that I use to carry the white notebook, the 2 copies of This is our Faith, Bible, and the Catholic Catecism back and forth to RCIA classes every Tuesday night. See my dictionary that I use each week for Thesaurus Thursday??

Now we move into the kitchen where the real mess begins.
Here is our "catch all, clutter central" I didn't know Subvet was gonna straighten this a bit while I slept tonight. You can see our cell phone (we only have the one) his belt and asst pocket items. My name tag, alcohol swabs, pens and asst pocket itmes for work. Our jar of change, a couple prayer books we grab when we have a minute. Some Christmas cards that were returned to sender...our latest Netflix movies...and I don't know what all else. Yes, those are two bottles of sunblock and two calculators there. You can also see the yummy chocolate cake he made tonight while I slept...what a NICE thing to wake up to!!

This is major clutter area number 2, but we've been working on keeping it cleared off. Here we have the foam airplanes and their launchers that are for outside play but can't be stored outside, the playdoh toy that is for table play only. I have a delimma with this toy. Once it is assembled it no longer fits in its box. Which makes it difficult to store. ALL TOY COMPANIES NEED TO REMEDY THIS PROBLEM. You can also see our bill-box (oh yeah, today was payday, need to get to that) and today's mail that hubby has left for me on the table in my "spot". There's a couple Southern Living magazines hanging out there as well as a flyer from church for things we're deciding on going to....ya know, clutter.

I took a picture of this cause I think it's funny. Along with Subby's apron, bags of nuts, spices, chopping board and cookbooks we have a bubble maker. I think it got put there when it needed cleaning...I'm not sure. I probably should put it away but I don't know where it belongs....maybe on top of the frige??

And here's the other corner of the kitchen and the reason I've only lost 1 pound this month!
Here you can see the 2 pie keepers, both currently empty (after all, there's the cake!), tub of homemade bread, tub of chocolate chip cookies, and tub of chocolate chip muffins--breakfast of champions! In front is my lunch for tonight, homemade chicken&rice soup and Dr Pepper.

So now I'm gonna tag some of my favorite photographers with this meme, Pinky, Linda and Ellen! Take a pic of your clutter areas/desk WITHOUT STRAIGHTENING THEM and let us know what you have hanging around......


Susan said...

Not cluttery at all with a family of 3 children!!

AirmanMom said...

ditto to Susan's comment!


ellen b. said...

hmmm, I'll need to think on this one. Now I don't have to clean up just show the clutter?
Oh and we do own our condo so we enjoy the fruits of our labor all the more...

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I do not know how to get pictures on my blog right now. We have an unusual clutter going on in our house right now. We just switched bedrooms around and turned one of the rooms into an office. The office is a mess. The bedrooms look great.

The old office area is a mess and the living room is not a mess but not as tidy as as usual so I am going to get it in order today. The kitchen is, well, it is in it's usual state of almost but not quite neat. Soon it will be a mess as we are getting ready to strip the cabinets, repaint the kitchen and put in a tile floor. First though, we may be mudjacking the foundation to get the house level, but the cost may prevent that even though it needs it.

Thankfully we have the house off the market now and who knows, once all the work is done, we may stay a while. I'd still like to sell and move so we live where my husband works but right now may just not be the right timing so we will spruce things up a bit and wait the market out a bit more.

devita said...

Hm.... You know what? I love your kitchen!

Lori in South Dakota said...

THAT'S not clutter!! And there are some real food there. Bills in a box--at least they're all in one spot!

diana said...

you are such a brave person. i just can't bring myself to expose all my clutter, even though i know most people have clutter. and even though i know i have clutter, i think i'm partially in denial =)

don't worry about anything you might have said about movie going. i wasn't upset or anything. and i totally understand that those with younger kids don't necessarily have the time. i also know money (now more than ever) is a big factor in not going to a theater.

Pam said...

You are a brave soul MM!! Loved this post. We are all so real aren't we? Who bakes all those goodies!!?? Tell subvet that choclate cake looks as good as if Paula Deen made it! I adore chocolate cake with a big ol' glass of very cold milk!
I too have a couple of Christmas cards which were returned to me. What are we going to do with them? One is to my aunt with a special not, so I think I'll go ahead and send it in a new envelope.

Love your wall calendar. Since I don't work and only have one child at home I haven't been using a large organizer. NOw I'm thinking I may reinstate one. Anyhoose, thanks for braving the clutter factor. Your house looks good for a working mom of 3 kids! My hats off to you as you seem to be a person who has it all together!

Sarah (JOT) said...

I have clutter in only three areas. There are two corners of our flat that has Cub Scout crap piled up - which will go away very very soon as after Blue and Gold (Cub Anniversary celebration) my hubs will relinquish Cub Master duties. The other clutter is my PC desk in my room. Five minutes and that could be dealt with. The whole house is being dealt with due to the move to HI in April/May. Subvet will remember pack outs - it won't be long now.

Lisa said...

What clutter? All I see is a big, yummy-looking chocolate cake!

Mrs4444 said...

Too lazy even to take the pics! But it's like I always say, If your house is too clean, it means you're not having any fun :) Glad your family is happy and healthy.