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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Winners and Answers

how funny!

Well, yes, Diane is right it is boilfast, and I tried to get a reference for what boilfast means and can't find one anywhere!!

Basically they boiled the thread to set the color is my understanding.

Now for our Thesaurus Thursday words.

comate - adj. hairy tufted

salvo - n 1) a simultaneous or successive discharge of artillery, rockets, etc 2) a round of gunfire given as a salute 3) a round of cheers or applause 4) a verbal attack as upon an opponent or rival

That comate jerk just sent a salvo on us!!

Linda and Diane are our Misses Smarty Pants this week!

As for the Biggest Silly Geese around this week, I'll have to say
The Chief
comate: "Well, your hair wouldn't look so bad... if you'd just take the time to comate, once in awhile!" (First said to Donald Trump, by his mother...)

Quill of Bill (we won't hold it against him that he can't type ;-) )
salvo-A reused item/recycled.
" I will salvo my toilet paper, a tip I picked up on

So equality of the sexes this week folks.....
girls are smart-brains, boys are smart-butts

**big grin**


jennifer said...

Bill is funny...lotsforless...can't wait until I remove the tp and leave some cut flannel!!!!

Kidding everyone, just kidding!!!

Mighty Mom thanks for this, we look forward to the sport of being the silliest, and of course my favorite part is that we pick up some new Knowledge!


Linda said...

I like the comate response! Very funny!

And yes, we girls are smarter than the boys - nah, nah!!

Stephanie said...

Great entries and congrats to the winners!

Mohawk Chieftain said...

I think I deserve a pate on the back....

Diane J. said...

Why would Chief want a scalp on his back? *grin*

Sarah, boilfast means that the dye wouldn't fade when the thread a garment was made with was boiled in a cast iron wash pot over a fire. Almost all clothes were washed that way back then. Boiled in the pot, then moved to wash tub to rub on a rub board, then rinsed and hung to dry.

MightyMom said...

thank you Ms Smarty Pants :-)

now why couldn't I find that anywhere??? Neither paper nor web sources would reveal.....

I had a "crazy" Great Grandma Bebe who would wash everything in the washing machine....but the sheets/towels her boarder used. Those she would boil on the stove every week. She also went behind him in the tub with bleach daily....