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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thesaurus Thursday

Every once in awhile....NOW, being one of those times......I feel like I move about in a bubble.

I feel like the things I say aren't listened to, the things I write aren't read.
And my funny bone is MIA.

And then, just when I'm getting a real good pity party going, I find out that has a FREE iPHONE APP!! This is waaaaaay exciting to a girl fascinated with dictionaries!! :-)

So, I'm going to bring back what has been the MOST FUN thing since I started this blog.

Yes, that's right.

Thesaurus Thursday has returned!!
If you're new to Thesaurus Thursday, the T-T scoop can be found here.
Please take a second or two to get the scoop before the game begins!

Now, the point of Thesaurus Thursday is to increase our vocabularly so I only pick words that I don't already know the meanings of! Don't go thinking I'm some super big smarty pants!

Are you ready to exercise your BRAIN and your FUNNY BONE at the same time??

Our words for this week are:
heu·cher·a   /ˈhyukərə/ Show Spelled [hyoo-ker-uh]

Don't Forget! you're competeing for these two HIGHLY VALUED AND SUPER FABULOUS prizes!!

and you can enter as many comments for each word as you like!

I'll post the REAL definitions and the winners next Thursday along with new words to play with. So tune in NEXT THURSDAY to see if you won!!


A Bit of the Blarney said...

WOW!! It's back! YES!! The brain is mush this a.m. But here goes!

Queachy: Variety of peach with no fuzz or pit. "Queer Peach"

Have a grand weekend! I'll try to do better next time! ;) Cathy

Sherry said...

Queachy --the sound a q-tip makes when you clean out your ear.

heu·cher·a --an interrupted sneeze

Susan said...

I think we all recognize and feel the "bubble" from time to time.

Harry said...

Queachy is what you say to the queen as you pinch her cheek.

Heuchera is what someone with a speech impediment calls a street walker.

I didn't realize this game was getting so racy.

Mrs4444 said...

I have no idea, but I do look forward to the answers; I would love to use the word "queachy."

Molly said...

LOLOLOLOL!! Okay, I'm going to give this a shot!

heuchera - expletive uttered by Chihuahuas and various other small breeds of dogs

I can't think of anything for queachy at the moment. I might have to come back. =)

You know, I think you would appreciate the following Synonym a Day blog There are daily posts of common words with queachy (hey, does using it in a sentence count? lol! queachy - uncommon or out of the ordinary) synonyms and usage examples that are quite entertaining. They are based on Peter E. Meltzer's "The Thinker's Thesaurus - Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words"! If you can imagine a thesaurus being entertaining, while still being informative and fascinating (especially if you're a word hound like me) this is it.

Well, I won't hold my breath for either prize on this one, but thanks for getting my brain going this evening!

Roger Miller said...

Queachy - The noise that emanates from a thirteen-year old girl that has a large spider/mouse/rat/fuzz ball dropped on her lap unexpectedly. Has also happened to forty-plus year old men on occasion.

Heuchera - An exclamation used when you favorite soccer player with the last name of Hughes screws up royally, like missing a shot from the spot.