My Husband "Subvet" says that when our first son "Sonshine" was born the sun rose on our world, when our second son "Gator" was born the sun laughed and when our daughter "Sugars" was born all the flowers bloomed. That says it all.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to my NICU boy!!!!

Gator-boy began life 5 weeks early weighing 5lbs and 5oz, he was 16 1/2 inches long.

moments after birth

off the ventilator, still with a feeding tube

Mommy and me in the NICU trying to learn to eat and stay warm.

Mommy's taking my temperature in the NICU

Mommy's holding my hand.. see my pants?? That was so they could strap me in the car seat while still on the monitors for 2 hours for a "car seat study" to make sure I'd survive the ride home.

I failed 2 car seat studies that day and ended up going home in not A) the convertible carseat that brother had used OR B) the infant "bucket" seat Mommy ran out and bought that day just to be able to get her boy home ....., but rather I got to ride in a CAR BED for the first 2 months of my life, and Mommy had a garage full of carseats there for awhile.

This is a carbed. (this is NOT me and Mommy, I was much smaller than that in my carbed)

Here I am finally home and in my bassonet. Mommy musta stole all my covers for the pic cuz she never let me go without being bundled up.

Here I am at my Birthday party, all grown up....a big 3 years old!!

And, I got this cool idea from another March baby.....


~Niki~ said...

Hi there. Happy birthday to your son! I just found you thru mommy brain. :)
I'm having an online secret auction on a handmade quilt of mine. You can find the recent posts about it on my blog. Glad I found u :)HUGS

2Forgetful said...

Happy Birthday to Gator-boy! This is a beautiful post. It's so wonderful to see these tiny nicu babies who grow up to be big strong boys!

Thanks for all the comments today. I enjoyed your baby name story. Obviously, having given both my girls family names, I really love when people give names that are from someone special.

Stephanie D said...

Love the pics of Gator-boy! Love that infectious grin, too!

Hoping to get a new computer this week so I can view photos and you-tubes in their true colors and light, and not as if through 3 pairs of sunglasses! Gee, it's only an 8-yr-old computer!

... said...

happy birthday gator boy.
thanks for giving us a brief history of his entrance into the world.

ellen b. said...

A very happy birthday to your little man! What a blessing to see how he survived and thrived!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'm late, but Happy Happy all around! Hope you're having a good week. ;o)

Love ya,


Susan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday. These were so precious. How tiny!!! Glad to finally "see" you :o)