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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Field Trippin!

The last day of school before Thanksgiving the 2nd grade went on their field trip!

We went to The Science Place and the Natural History Museum in Downtown Dallas.

He got his birthday sticker early since it was on the friday after Thanksgiving this year.

We were met with this demonstration about SHARKS......

His favorite part of the day: Digging in the gravel for dinosaur bones! See all the dust in the air?? This was indoors in a separate room......

This is Sonshine and his girlfried standing by a giant nose......that SNEEZED!!

His second favorite part was the thermal camera. We found that if I put my hand on his head for a moment, when I took it off I left a red handprint on his head.....this was repeated repeatedly.

A buddy from class.

We were there the day they put the first sharks in the tanks for their new shark exhibit! See the camera crews?? As soon as the first shark went in Sonshine says "That was So AWESOME!!".....

putting in the second shark. They put 1 in each tank, as time goes on they will introduce more sharks, one at a time to the tanks.
That's Mrs Green, Sonshine's teacher showing the kids the new shark.

Sonshine and girlfriend hahahahahahahaaaaa!!!

Next it was over to the Natural History Museum.

looong dinosaur, it was the best I could do to get the whole thing in the shot.

While I thought the mineral exhibit was pretty cool...Sonshine did not.

He wasn't impressed with all the animals on exhibit either. He did, however, make a point of showing me every cactus that was in each vignette...totally oblivious to the jaguar, grizzly bear, or vulture that was also there!

His favorite part of the Natural History Museum was their mock cave.....

just a little spot for our picnic before we headed back to school......
We had a great time. Every channel recorded the shark drop. Many of the kids, including mine, were shown on the news. But I can't find him online anywhere and the network I contacted said that they don't put everything from the broadcast online, nor do they keep copies anymore. So I didn't get to see it.

A fun place to visit if you're around Dallas with kids!

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ellen b. said...

Looks like a great fieldtrip.