My Husband "Subvet" says that when our first son "Sonshine" was born the sun rose on our world, when our second son "Gator" was born the sun laughed and when our daughter "Sugars" was born all the flowers bloomed. That says it all.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas is Coming!

There are a few things I do every year to prepare for Christmas. I always watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. I always listen to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. And I get out my decorations. I have kept a non-breakable tree since the kids were small, and I usually rotate out my decorations. It's fun for me to decide what goes out this year and what stays hidden for another year.

This year I've decided to add another element to this process. Partly out of building of excitement and partly out of lack of time off I am going to bring out the decorations slowly over time this year. Instead of one or two big days of decorating I'm going to put just a couple new things out each night. And see how long it takes the kids to spot what's new!!

I started yesterday:

So, come along with me in the building of excitement to Christmas, that most glorious day when God Himself came to us as a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid to sleep in a feeding trough in a barn.


Sara said...

I would like to decorate slowly, but it's such a chore to pull everything out of the closet to get to the things I need. All that's in there is holiday stuff, 99% Christmas, but it makes the basement a mess!

AirmanMom said...

What an awesome idea! Unfortunately, I am working 6 days/week until my decorating will be done in a full state of exhaustion :)
It will be fun to watch you and your family enjoy!!!!

Stephanie D. said...

The kids will love that!