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Friday, October 3, 2008

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

These are Grandma Lillie's Lillies.

Before she died my Grandma Lillie lived across the street from my Uncle and Aunt. She had a wonderful flower and vegetable garden.

When she died my Aunt went and dug up some of her bulbs and moved them to her flower beds, including these lillies.

Last May my Aunt and Uncle sold their house to "downsize" a bit.
On her last trip to the old home Aunt Gay offered for my stepmother to dig up whatever bulbs she wanted from her beds...specifically stating that these were Grandma's lillies. So my stepmom went and dug.

I knew nothing about any of this, till one day in June we're leaving her house and my stepmom says Wait! I have something for you! Brings out these two big bulbs and tells me the story, saying that if these don't bloom she has plenty more to share.

So I clear a spot in my sadly overgrown bed (can't weed at 2am, when I have my free time) and plop the bulbs the middle of June. I figured that these were like my Easter Lillies and would bloom in the spring.

Little did I know they were late-summer-early-fall-ish bloomers.

So, does anyone know what this type of lily is called? I'd love to know.


Hootin' Anni said...

Amazing story...and beautiful lily.

My show n tell is Halloween, solar lights since most all my visitors have been asking for some of my halloween decorations I've been setting up...and a set of kitchen linens that match my blog's header that I found! Come on by if you can find time...Happy Friday!

Grammy said...

What a treasure to have your Grandma Lillies. I wish I could help with the name. As I would love to have some of my own. If you find out would you let me know.So I could try to find some too. My good friend in St. Louis collects 100's of them. But I have not seen this one in her yard.

Chez Nous said...

The lilies are really beautiful and what a great story.

Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

I don't know what you would call them other than beautiful! I've never seen that color of lily before and the story behind them is just so sweet. Your grandmother would be proud and pleased I'm sure!

BumbleVee said...

It looks like an Amaryllis ...

could be Amaryllis Hippeastrum

Red Lion Amaryllis

Sarah C. said...

These are wonderful! I have some white irises from my Grandma.

Lady Katherine said...

I agree that they are called Amaryllis. They are a lilly that been around a long long long time.

Manuela said...

Those are really gorgeous - love the color! My neighbor planted some last year.


Mary said...

Beautiful! but I don't think they are amaryllis. They may or may not be daylilies. You can check on Google by clicking images and then typing in daylilies or armaryllis to see if they are the same.

Melissa Wertz said...

They look like the amaryllis that I have in my yard. What a treasure that you have them.! When did they bloom in your grandmother's yard?

I have some of my grandma's autumn joy. I need to plant them where they will receive more sun.

It is nice when you can have something like that to remind you of a grandparent.

MyJourneyBack said...

What a cool show and tell.
Thanks for sharing your flower treasures. They look like lillies to me but I don't know maybe they are amarillis (sp)I don't know but they are beautiful.
Have a Blessed Weekend

Mrs4444 said...

No idea, but they sure are beautiful! I have tried three times to grow shoots from my mom's trumpet vine, and I finally got it! I have my grandma's rosebush, but it never blooms. Mom's hostas are very happy, but who can't grow a hosta?! My plant that I'm proudest of is a tree that we got when Mr.4444's dad died in 2003. It was 4 feet tall at the time. Today, it is 10 feet tall!!

diana said...

not only are they beautiful but special because of where they came from. how neat.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking daylily, too.
I have a similar story regarding my irises.
Much love to you MM.
My mom has been in town all week, so I've not been reading many blogs.