My Husband "Subvet" says that when our first son "Sonshine" was born the sun rose on our world, when our second son "Gator" was born the sun laughed and when our daughter "Sugars" was born all the flowers bloomed. That says it all.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Monday, October 3, 2011

Support Group!

Our Motivational Video for this week:
I'll warn you, it proved EXTREMELY dangerous for me to watch this while eating or drinking!!

My weight today was:

Too Damn Much minus 3.0 lbs.

Last week's goal was to Zumba 3 times.
I actually only Zumba'd twice.

Next week's goal is to Zumba 3 times and also to go for at least 1 morning walk!

Share your successes and goals with us so we can cheer you on!!


GrandmaK said...

You go girl! Any progress is better than 0 progress!!! Cathy

Sara said...

Good for you! I posted (well, not "Posted") at 4 lbs. loss last week!

Lisa said...

Yay for You! -3 is excellent! I, however, cannot post any success this week. Too much stress + hubby out of town = no exercise and no diet. (And this week I'm going to PA with my sis -- which is not any more likely to put me in the success column, either. :( But, I'm gonna get on it with a vengeance when I get back. I really am!)

SherryTex said...

To begin exercising again period. Had fallen off the wagon.
Trying to do 100 push ups and 100 sit ups per day, having started two days ago.