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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Dare you to Share your Greyness!

My friend Lisa got to talking about grey hair on her blog....after she DELETED my first comment! **gasp** I figured I'd up the ante and dare to share.

Here's my comment...the one she didn't delete (note: Jungle Mom, you should commisserate with poor Lisa about deleting my comments!):

can I shoot MS I'm 47 and hardly have any grey hair? can I?? PLEASE????

I'm 34 with *almost* more neon silver than brown these days. And yes, it's all along the part...which is why I no longer part my hair. These days I pull it straight back...however I've noticed that the grey is becoming quite noticeable even when I do that.

However, I refuse to dye my hair, or consider any of that anti-aging crap.

My favorite people on this planet had both wrinkles and grey hair. matter of fact I remember sitting next to Grandma in the car on a road trip "pinching" up the skin on her hand and moving her veins back and forth. I think I must have done that for an hour....her response?? SHE LAUGHED and told me how my "twin-cousin" (each of us cousins in that family has a twin born the same month..some just a day or two apart!!) did the same thing. Now that my hair is officialy "saltnpeppa" and my laugh lines don't dissappear I'm watching my hands...waiting for the day when I'm ready to laugh as my grandchildren play with the loose skin and veins.

and yes, this is a separate comment in case you ball my other one up and throw it back at me! ;-)

So, oh wonderful readers of mine...I dare you to share your thoughts and pictures about YOUR grey!!

by the way...the comment she deleted said "just wait till your pubic hair starts to turn grey, then you'll REALLY feel old." :-)


Linda said...

It's funny that as I'm reading this I'm sitting here with chemicals on my head covering OVER my grayness! Honestly, it doesn't look good with red hair and I refuse to go quietly into that good night of gray hair just yet. Now if it would just turn a couple lovely shades of silver I'd think about it!

ellen b. said...

I never had coloring chemicals ever touch my head until my 50's. I don't know when I'll just give up and enjoy the natural look.

Sara said...

I tried coloring my hair for a few years, not so much to cover the gray as to give it life. But it always turned red (and I had it professionally done) after a couple of weeks. Besides not being able to afford it anymore, I didn't want red hair or any shade thereof, so I quit. No offense to any redheads out there! It's beautiful on you, but it's not right for my coloring! Drives my hairdresser nuts that I have all these little grays that stick up!

I want him to put an exciting gray streak in it since I don't have enough gray yet. And I'm 45 btw.

Jungle Mom said...

SEE??? this is why I have to delete your comments,lol!
Grey hair??? Mua?????

Mary Ellen said...

I don't have much gray hair which I don't understand because my kids have really put me through my paces and stress is my middle name. I think it's a hereditary dad had very little gray when he was in his early 60's...he passed away so I don't know how long I will be lucky enough to dodge the gray ghost.

My 9 year old granddaughter calls me her "young memom" which scores her a lot of cookies and extra presents at Christmas time. ;-)

I'm going to hang on to the youth for as long as I can, though. I'm not ready to grow old gracefully, I'll go into it screaming and kicking.

Subvet said...

Gray is considered the color of wisdom.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

you certainly tell it like it is. I totally get why she removed that comment. Made me blusheth!

I just had to leave a comment from your little button--it cracked me up!!

Lisa said...

LOL! I'm still traumatized, girl, but, ya got it in print, anyway! Goodness gracious... (blushblush)

I'm gonna have to keep the kids from pickin out the greys for a few days and take a pic to take up the challenge. But, I'm thinkin I have a bottle of Clairol in my near future, too. I don't have enough wisdom to justify the grey -- and I don't want anybody offering me any more senior discounts...

Adrienne said...

I didn't get amy gray hair until I was in my late 50's (it's an Italian thing)

Then------------it went bonkers. I won't color it (even though I'm a hairdresser) because I have strangers come up and tell me how great my hair is. My hairdresser agrees. Thank goodness - I'm way too lazy to color it.

Stephanie D. said...

I haven't colored my hair for at least 20 years. When I turned 40, I had some faint white streaks at the upper temple area, and I decided not to cover it. I mean, that's instant credibility, man!

So now it's almost all white/silver and it looks good, so why mess with good? I'll have to post a photo when I'm off.

Mary said...

LOL Sarah. Not only do I have greying hair, it is becoming very thin. And the other day, Brandon was pinching the loose skin on my hand. *sigh* I guess with turning 60 and getting a senior's discount here and there, I'm classified as old. However, you are only as old as you feel and in my mind I'm still in my late twenties. I would share my greying hair, but I can't upload photos from my camera to my computer. I may show you when I can.

Anonymous said...

As I have blonde hair the gray doesn't show. However, all my life I've wanted and waited for white hair. I will never get it. *sigh* It will probably turn that ugly yellow that most blondes get later in life.

SherryTex said...

I've colored my hair three times in my life. (two by a friend who told me if I tried to do it myself, we couldn't be friends anymore when she saw how pitiful I was picking one out in the store). Happy with my gray skunk stripe on the front nature gave me. My husband said, "I've loved you in all your seasons." Who is going to color after a line like that?

diana said...

i am sure i have a full head of grey hair, but i haven't ever seen it except for when the roots show too much.

i didn't want to be grey when i was in my 30s or even 40s. i was too young to feel old. now, it wouldn't bother me as much but it doesn't feel right to go grey. all my friends know me the way i am. but if i were to move away, i'd just let the grey grow out and go natural.

Mrs4444 said...

No gray hairs yet. Not on my head anyway :( LOL