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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thesaurus Thursday

Well it's Thursday again (well almost) and so it's time for me to pick up my handy Webster's College Dictionary and see what page I grab at.

Well, funny thing, I know the meanings for almost all the words on this page. But there was 1 that I didn't, although I won't be surprised if some of you do know it.

Our word this week is

That's jute and not Jute.
Jute the proper noun is a member of a Germanic people that invaded Britain in the 5th century AD, settling mainly in Kent.

It's nice to see a public reference book that still uses AD instead of CE. Of course this particular version of Webster was printed in 1992 so that may have something to do with it.

As always, have fun creating your own meanings for our word of the week and I'll put up the real meaning on Saturday!


Diane J. said...

Now this one I know: jute is a rough fibrous material used to make twine or rope. It's often used to make rugs and shoe soles among other things.

There, how'd I do? ;D

Love and hugs,


PEA said...

Woohoo, I actually know this word! lol It's just like Diane said so I won't bother to trying to explain it too! lol xox

Linda said...

I knew this one, too, but I've always wondered that if you were able to create a box with it would that then be a "jute box"??

Stephanie said...

jute--something we macramed with in the 70's.

Okay, I'm dating myself. Deal with it! lol

MightyMom said...

thanks Steph, now I know...I'm just TOO YOUNG to know this word!!


I like the jute box Linda!!