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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday.

I wish I could photoshop....I'd like to make another button with a pic of a pile of books and my dictionary that says "Thesaurus Thursday".....but even if I took that pic and got it right I can't add untill I figure out how to do that I'll put the awards as post banner instead. ;-)

By the way, thanks to those who "double hit" me yesterday. It really didn't make much of a difference in the total hits so go figure. So much for that social experiment! HAHA. And no, Diana, I'm not in it for the hits....but it does make me a bit sad to see them dropping so much. I'm pretty sure I know the reason for the drop and I'm not willing to do the things needed to up those hits so here we sit ;-) I have gotten a couple new regular readers/commenters this year and I'm very happy to see these new "faces" every week.

Okay, enough yakking.


The Real Definitions:

bechedemer - a trepang (yes, this week was a TRICK!!)

trepang - any of various sea cucumbers, used as food in Asia
kinda snuggly looking huh? -ick-

Silly Goose Winner:

Well, it sure was easy picking a winner this week!! Although several of you left me comments........only one person actually left definitions for the words!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Trepang - Well, I know the word "trepan" means to drill a hole in your skull, so I'm wondering if "trepang" refers to the actual hole....

Okay, I'll go for funny on that one, I guess.

Trepang - French for tripping.

Usage: Francois was so embarrassed to find herself trepang right in front of the Most Holy Father.

Bechedemer - Seems like I should know this one, but I'm coming up blank. Funny it is.

Bechedemer - Southern slang for "bet your dimmer".

Usage: Clyde Earl, I bechedemer switch went out on 'em headlights, buddy row.

Next Week's Words:



Diane@Diane's Place said...

If you can get the pic you want, I can add the text to it for you if you like. Just let me know.

Kind of a bum win since I didn't have any competition. :-/

Transmogrify I know. It means to transform or change form.

Tragacanth I think is some sort of plant, but I'm not sure about that one.

Mary Ellen said...

I feel so horrible, couldn't get over here or to many of my favorite blogs. When my brother who is visiting leaves on Saturday, it will give me more blogging time starting on Monday.

One thing that might help your numbers, if you don't mind advice, would be to link to other blogs in your posts. Sometimes people have such long lists of blogs to visit, they get distracted and this reminds them that you are reading their stuff.

I'll do a link to your blog for Thesaurus Thursdays. I don't have a huge readership, but every little bit helps,eh?

I know you are so busy with the kids, though. I don't know how you do all that you do.

Linda said...

Sorry I've not been by lately what with traipsing around the northeast and working and all that stuff. I wish that there was a way to read blogs and comment out loud and have it appear all typed up instantly. Like if the posts could be read out loud while you were driving (sort of like an audio book) and then you could speak the comment and it would automatically post! I know, I know, the stuff of science fiction but still, I'd never miss a post or a comment that way!

I'll have to think on this words for a bit and get back to you with some snappy sort of definition (right now it's too cold to have any sort of creative thinking going on!).

Mary Ellen said...

transmogrify: the out of state transportation of more ('mo) grits and fry's.

tragacanth: I "canth" think of a definithon for thith one. ;-)

Stephanie D. said...

Well, you know where I've been--but we're home for now! Thank goodness.

Transmogrify--well, trans means to cross or move so I'm thinking this means to move your mogrif.

Tragacanth--Hmmm. A pyrocanthea is a vicious thorny bush so maybe a tragacanth is a non-vicious bush.

Weak, I know. The brain is mush these days.

GrandmaK said...

Since I was mentally incapacitated with a toothache last week and my "little gray cells" were not in a frame of mind to think I passed last week. But since the root canal I feel I can give adequate answers...:)

Transmogrify: a surgical procedure that moves unwanted adipose tissue from the area of of the gluteus to the skinny ankle.

Tragacanth: The sad story of the "Little Train That Couldn't"

Not sure the "mind" did any better this week and this week I have no excuse!!! :) Cathy

~*♥Verja♥*~ said...

The opposite of frying mogres. They're like ogres, but there's MORE of them. They're big. And they like to eat peanut butter. :)
They taste like chicken.

The old Latin word for the rare disability of swallowing your lisps.
(Traga means swallow in Spanish.)