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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thesaurus Thursday.



Stephanie D
abatis--the type of death achieved when someone waits too long "with bated breath".

Abacedarian - One of the lesser know Biblical people groups.
Usage: Arkadon was chief of the Abacedarian tribe.

abatis - a defensive obstacle formed from rows of tree branches, with an end of each branch facing outward toward the enemy.

abecedarian - 1) a person learning the letters of the alphabet 2) a beginner in any field 3) of or pertaining to the alphabet 4) arranged in alphabetical order 5) rudimentary; elementary. (sorry about mispelling this one last week...)

Sara and Jungle Mom both get Smarty Pants awards for guessing almost right on this one!!

All winners can pick up their awards from my sidebar!

Great definitions all around this week guys! Now don't forget to play again for next week.



Have fun now!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Yay! I won! ;o)

I know one of this week's words: Abjure means to plead or beg.

Hmm...Ablaut.....French for shirt.

Usage: Francois donned his ruffled ablaut, much to Armand's alarm.

Mary said...

Congratulations to last week's winners.

Now let's see about this week's words:

adjure:I'm with Diane on this plead or beg.

ablaut: A piece of absorbant paper, such as a blotter.

LOL I'm sure that isn't correct, but it's worth a try.

Linda said...

Does Dianne ever NOT win the Smarty Pants award? That woman is like a walking Thesaurus!

I'll have to think about this week's words and get back at you as my Thinking Cap is failing to work today!

MightyMom said...

Diane's smarter than I am and that's a fact!

Remember, I only pick words that I do not know the meaning of.

Jungle Mom said...

I think thats my first Smarty Pants Award...

Stephanie D. said...

That was my flash in the pan for this year. Glad you liked it! lol