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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Another finished project.

I've been wanting to organize my thread for the longest time.

Since I inherited all my Grandmother's thread almost 4 years ago actually. Well I finally did it last week!

Here you go, the before shot. The rectangular basket has a broken hinge and was needing to be replaced. It drove me crazy to have sewing thread and quilting thread all mixed in together like this!

When I cleaned out my sewing closet I found a Godiva basket that's just right to hold the quilting thread.

Look at what I found!

these are WOODEN SPOOLS! I also have quite a few styrofoam spools. Cool, huh? And can you see those PRICES?? Have you EVER bought ANYTHING for 15 cents? I know I haven't!

And the after shot.

Two pretty baskets, one with sewing thread the other with quilting thread.

Jacquie, now you can see why your thread cabinet isn't near big enough for me!! :-)

I'd love to have a wall sized one though! Then I could see all 15-ish spools of PURPLE thread I have. (Grandmother wore a LOT of purple. I think she bought purple, black and white thread whenever it was on sale in bulk!) ;-)


Pam said...

Kudos to you! How fun to sort through things you use and love! And I think anything is better in a Godiva basket!

Harry said...

This organizing thing that other people do, I find fascinating. My wife went through all of the make up at our high school theater and organized it when she was head of make up on the last play. The only things I manage to organize are my records and CDs. It's easy with that alphabetical order method.

Lisa said...

Isn't that satisfying? I inherited several wooden-spool threads when we bought a house several years ago that was filled with ephemera of another age. It's like holding a piece of history in your hand, isn't it? And the quality of thread was excellent back then!

ellen b. said...

Well done. You have a lot of thread!

Stephanie D. said...

I always look for wooden spools and old buttons when I hit yards sales--especially those in older neighborhoods--and I have quite a few now. Just picked up a bunch more last weekend. But I never use the thread on them--I'm afraid the thread will be too fragile to hold.

Somewhere I read about having a Christmas garland made from old thread-wrapped spools and I might have enough this year if I space them out with something a little bit lighter in weight. Maybe just threading them on a length of ribbon with knots to hold them in place would work. It would be cute for the sewing room.

diana said...

that is a lot of thread! and how very cool to have some wooden spools. when did they stop making those?

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I have a lot of thread that I inherited from my Grandma and Mama, some on wooden and styrofoam spools as well. Only thing about the old thread, you have to watch that it's not dry rotted or whatever you sew with it will start falling apart or it will constantly break as you're trying to sew with it. :-/

My thread is standing on end in a sewing tote I invested in from Hobby Lobby about 10 years ago. Good investment.

Hope you have a great new week!


Linda said...

I think I might have some wooden spools around here somewhere mixed in with the plastic ones from thread that was my aunt's years ago. The one wooden spools are just so neat!

I went to high school in a town where there was a thread mill - a big one - that my grandfather always called "the tread mill". As a kid I could never figure that out but I later learned that was the old New England way of saying "thread"!

The mill was the American Thread Mill in Willimantic and part of it has been restored and has a museum that you would just love. I'll have to go over there and take some pictures for you one of these days!

Mrs4444 said...

Fortunately, I only need thread for button sewing in this house. If I need more, I'll know who to go to! :)