My Husband "Subvet" says that when our first son "Sonshine" was born the sun rose on our world, when our second son "Gator" was born the sun laughed and when our daughter "Sugars" was born all the flowers bloomed. That says it all.

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds. — William

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Where'd the week go?

12 thousand toys bought
11 cups of coffee
10 kiddo snuggles
9 snowmen built (from playdough)
8 zillion "singing" lights
7 pics with Santa
6 ladies lunching
5 Presents Done!
4 toy shelves cleaned out
3 stockings stuffed
2 horseback rides
And Harry Potter on the Big Screen!

So, how was your weekend?


Adrienne said...

11 cups of coffee for the entire week?? Good grief! I do that every morning. heh

Sara said...

Adrienne stole my comment: Only 11 cups of coffee for all that? Maybe you meant "11 THOUSAND"?

ellen b. said...

I'm exhausted reading your list. LOL!