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It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Your mind is the garden, your
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Show and Tell


Show and Tell

For this week it is going to be Tell and Show.

About a month or so ago I was talking to my Stepmother and she told me their house had been burglarized. Among the stuff that was taken were her jewelry box and my Dad's keepsake box.

Inside Dad's box was my Grandpa's pocket watch that he carried every day of his adult life, and also my Great-Grandpa's pocket watch.

Inside my Stepmom's jewelry box was (obviously) all of her jewelry, INCLUDING her wedding band that she'd taken off the day before to do yard work. Now attached to her wedding band was my Grandma's wedding ring.

As I had not yet given her a Mother's Day gift (yes, I'm late) I instantly thought of exactly what I would like to give her this year.

In "my" closet (the one in Sugars' room that hides all my craft stuff) I have had a small unfinished wooden box with clasp that was a freebie 2 years ago when I was VBS director at my old church. I figured sooner or later I'd find a good use for it.

So I sat on the floor last night with a small portion of my "stuff" and played......

You saw where I played,

Here's what I was playing at:

Because let's face it folks, every girl needs a pretty jewelry box right!?

Oh, and inside the box???

Grandma's watch.

A little aside to the story that I find touching. When Grandma and Grandpa died I was 15, and devastated. After spending a week in Lafayette while the grown ups sorted all their stuff out we went back home. Right before we left my Stepmom handed me 2 things. 1 was Grandma's keychain that I'd asked for, the other was her watch. My Stepmom told me that Grandma's watch was left after my Aunts had been through her jewelry box and she thought that I'd like to have it. My Stepmom and I are both incredibly sentimental and she knew it was something I would treasure. Now I am giving it to her so that she may have something of Grandma's, as the thieves stole all of their heirlooms.

We'll see her tomorrow (Friday) morning. I can't wait to give her this "Mother's Day" gift!

Have a good weekend folks and hug someone you love.


ceekay said...

That is such a sweet story and I know she is going to be so touched by your time and thoughfulness. Don't you just love giving a gift to someone when you KNOW they will love it?

Melissa Wertz said...

Very very sweet.

Kathy said...

What a sweet gift and story...
Kathy (

Stephanie D. said...

How unbelievably cruel to steal ANYTHING, much less someone's wedding band and family heirlooms.

I'm glad you had something to give her not to replace what she lost, but something else she would treasure.

Mam said...

That is a really thoughtful gift. It is so sad when sentimental keepsakes go missing. I lost a whole collection like that. Theives broke into my daughter's house while I was visiting her and used my (dumped out) suitcase to carry the electronics. (we were all out at the time) They didn't know I had all my antique (and some other) jewelry zipped into a small pocket in the soft-sider bag.
At least you had the watch. Losing those pocket watches is just sickening.
It's a very pretty box. You do nice work.

Hootin' Anni said...

What a super fantastic show n tell...and loving, loving story you've shared [tho they lost treasures of their own in the theft], oh are a treasure TO THEM!! Great job.

My show n tell isn't what I had planned to do this week, the hurricane Dolly prevented me to have much online time this week since the time I did have was updating on the storm coming through our area. Next week, I hope to have my 'tears' show n tell. This week, I opted with photos I had on the computer already - bric a brac in our master bath. Come by if you can. I'd love a visit from you...and, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND.

A Hint of Home said...

I'm so sorry for their loss. That is just the worst when your personel things are taken.
I know she will love your gift.

ellen b. said...

That is a pretty box you lovingly created! So thoughtful. blessings.

Barbara H. said...

I am so sorry for their loss, but I love the story of the watch. What a sweet little box! I am sure she will treasure both.

Sandra said...

Very sweet :) Beautiful box!

Linda said...

Even though possessions are just things, it must still be horrible to have so many memories stolen like that.

Your finished box is absolutely beautiful and I am sure that it will be loved - mostly for the thoughtfulness behind it.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

What a sad yet beautiful story..I hope the people who broke in are caught, somehow. Your box is precious, I know it will be cherished. Thank you for sharing your touching story.

PEA said...

Oh how very pretty the jewelry box is that you made her, she'll love it! When I was 14 years old, we had our house broken into when we were away camping and one of the things stolen was my mom's jewelry box that was filled with sentimental pieces, badges and pins us kids had won through the years, etc. She was I know how your stepmom felt!! I think this was such a wonderful idea for you to enclose your grandma's watch...wish I could see her face when she opens it:-) xoxo

diana said...

what a nice and thoughtful gift. i'm sure she's going to love it.

hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Kelli said...

What a sweet story and a wonderful treasure! The jewelry box is beautiful!